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Hey semi colons.....

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I've missed talking to you guys. Been sort of down and this new chemo is for the birds. I have been so sick I can't hold my head up.....my sister went out and bought me a taller trash can to sit next to my bed. I've taken a little time off and I'm going to get my thought process together and a little strength built up and try to face it off again. Just wanted you all to know that imiss you and pray for all of you every day.
I love you all.........


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Hi Griff,

My name is Rosa and I am new to this. I'm 43 and was diagonosed with stage C/III. I had surgery on March 8, cath-port inserted, and would start chemo treatment next Thursday.
Thank you for being so caring and strong to get on this board and keep us posted while you still feel so sick.

Please continue to take strong faith in God. He is with us... Believe that He will give us strengths to go through the path that He plans for us. He will never plan things that we can't handle for us.

Nice to meet you here!! I hope you will feel better with time. I will include you in my daily prayer...

with love,
Rosa (New York)

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Hi Griff,

I think we all have times when we can be more present and times when we can't. But in either case, we're here in spirit. This community has a lot of room in it. I remember being so out of it I felt like I was seasick for days and days. You just have to get through it one moment at a time, and celebrate whatever small things you can find to celebrate along the way.

Spring is here. The days are longer. This too will pass.

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Thank you for the strength to come here and post to keep us updated when you are feeling so miserable. Hope things get better soon for you. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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Hello There Also!! I am so glad you were able to post to let us know how you are doing!!!! Bob had those awful days as well. He felt as you do right now. I told him just as I am going to tell you!!!! Just take one day at a time and do what you have to do to get your strength back!!!! Even if it is tiny baby steps!!!!! Some days you just take it one hour at a time. On the days when Bob felt strong enough to move even a little I got him outside in the fresh air and sunshine!!! He felt stupid as he still had to wear a sweatshirt even though everyone else was in a tee shirt. I told him who cares!!!

Please hang in there!!!! Take one day at a time!!!! Bob and I are pulling for you!!!!!

Prayers, Hugs and a super Rainbow coming your way!!!

Love Always!!


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Hiya Griff. From the movie, Contact...."take small steps!"
Each day chemo will have something different in store for you. While doing it remember this; "do what you can, when you can" Use the best days of chemo to enjoy whatever you are able to do without overtaxing yourself. On the bad days try to focus on being better the next day to be able to do what you are able. Yup, chemo sucks but in the equation make the most of the "better" days if you are able.
Our love and prayers are with you always, kanga n Jen

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Hi Griff, I'm Wanda..nice to meet you. I know what you are going through. I had days like that too when I was taking mega doses of chemo. I couldn't even lift a spoon to my mouth. Hubby had to take me back to hospital because of dehydration. I do sympathize. Let your Onc know and maybe you can cut back on the chemo. I pray God will give you & your sister the strength to get through this. I hope you can post more often and keep us informed of your progress. Remind your sister she can post too. ~ Hugggggs Wanda

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We missed you and you do need to talk to you onc about this. Call tomorrow and get some relief. Take care and please keep us posted.

Lisa P.

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