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Joined: Apr 2004

Hi Darling,

I tried calling you for an hour tonight to give you my good news in "person". SB is gonna have to share the magic he made when we finally got thru to you beforee.

Just know that I love you and thank you honey. I am so thankful you are my friend.

Lisa P.

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Darlin, honey????Struth Lisa...now yu got me blushing!! I am not sure of the codes you need to ring me Lisa..SB would know. I will look them up tomorrow as it is 11.10pm now.
Thanks for trying...Jen and I were wondering how things went. I was gunna ring you but we have been out all evening. We are so very happy that things are looking better. Just knowing that you are keeping the cells in check has to be very good news. I really am proud of you sweetie...and I think that our juicing "master" Emily should also be very proud of you!!!
AWWWWW-----we are all proud of you babe!!!!!
All our luv and huggs, Lisa, Ross n Jen

btw.......does that mean I now gotta live up to my promise and lose tha shirt????

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Kanga's gonna lose the shirt???? I gotta see this. Don't leave me out of that loop!!! Ha!

Lisa, you go girl!


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Posts: 1976
Joined: Apr 2004

You are durn right you are. I am playing that stripping song in the background....Jen, grab the camera!!!!!!!

Lisa P.

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