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I have too much to say

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Hi to my bestest friends!!!!!

I got some good news today from my docs. The first good news ever for me since I began my cancer journey. History: Stage IV with 2 mets to the liver and 1 to my lung. I did chemo for 8 months and it helped at first but stopped. Last Nov, I chose to stop chemo and started alternative treatments. Jan. 05, I had testing and everything was the same as it was before, but that was a good sign to me since I was holding the ******* cells at bay. Then today, I got my next results and the 2 tumors in my liver are "less significant", which means they are shrinking. I was estactic and actually made my onc blush by hugging his neck so hard. The rest of my radioligists writeup does not mention the tumors in my rectum area or my lung. I don't know what that all means but for them too not mention them means really good news to me.

I know my new regime will take time, since it taken me 50 years to make my body comfortable for those nasty cancer cells to make a home in and now it will take time to make their "home" miserable. Nuke the bastards is my new motto.

I am not cancer free by any stretch, but have gotten the first news of steps in the right direction ever!!!!! I now feel like I can be healthy again for the very first time.

Thank you God!!!!!!!

I did not do any of this on my own, I did it with the help of God and so many dear ones and many of them reside right on this board: Em, Bud, Kanga, Lisa Rose, SB, Andrea, Stacy, Kerry, Kay, Barb. Maura, Rejoyious, Judy, Sue, Steved, Amy and I know I am forgetting so many others that mean so much to me...Kris S. and Fitlisa come to mind.

I need to post this since y'all seem to want to know. Hugs, kisses, and hummingbirds forever!!!!!

Thanks to you all and yes I am celebrating tonight. Dancing in the ballroom is in order here!!!!!!

Lisa P.

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Hi Lisa,

Sooooo incredibly happy for you. Now relax on your new couch....and think about keeping it for years and years - and years!

All the best,

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Thank God and Congratulations!!
I am sooooooooooo happy to read your posting. Thank you very much for letting us know the wonderful and cheerful result.
You go, sister!!

You are in my prayer...


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Lisa, I am weeping with joy after holding my breath waiting for your results. What glorious news!!!! What a mystery this whole crazy cancer journey is, eh? I loved what you said about it taking 50 years to make your body hospitable for those cancer cells and now working to undo that welcome. Even though we all know that to some extent this stuff has a mind of its own, every bit of control we can take helps.

Congratulations to you on your new regime and your great results. I'm celebrating with you.

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Lisa: Wonderful news, and maybe the beginning of more awareness RE alternatives..be sure to share your protocol with us. We could all live to refute and confound conventional medicine! Bud

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Oh, Lisa -- that is such wonderful news. I'm overjoyed for you. Thanks for letting us know. Wow wow wow.
Love, Tara

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!! You deserve every bite of good news you can get!!!!! I just want to jump through this box and give you a biggest hug!!!!! I wanted to do the same thing to my surgeon when he gave me the good news yesterday but I just couldn't move. But the thought was there. I thnk if I did I would of given him a heart attack. I was thinking last night when I went to bed that I would drop him a line to thank him. He didn't know me from adam and he was so very understanding as to what I was going through and went out of him way to get me an answer which I needed more then anything!!!

Celebrate to your hearts contant!!!!! I think I am going to celebrate and work outside in my neglected flower gardens. I have to watch what I do as to not bust open my stitches. They come out next week.

You have given this monster a good kick in the ***!!!! Now keep on kicking it right the hell out!!!! Sorry for the language but it is the best was to describe it. If you need a couple of extra feet mine are just waiting to be used again!!! I have enough anger built up against this monster that it will run away!!!

Well, keep up the good fight!!! Prayers,Hugs and alot of high kicks heading you way!!!!!

Love Always!!!!!


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Hooray!! What glorious news! Congratulations my friend. I can't wait to see you in Vegas. We'll celebrate.



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I am soooo happy for your good news.


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Dearest Lisa,

I'm soooo VERY, VERY ecstatic for you!!! I give you a HUGE bear hug! Keep up the great work girl!

Love you lots,

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Hi Lisa! SOOOOOOOO happy for you and you have just given me hope! My cancer is exactly like your was, and I'm thinking of trying alternative treatments. PLEASE share with me what you have done. I'm so happy to hear this news you have no idea. Thanks for staying in touch with us all. ~ Lovnhugs....Wanda

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I'm so happy to hear your wonderful news!

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I am SO happy for you Lisa! Your message gave me goose bumps...in a good way, not like SpongeBob's Speedo did! Our reunion in Vegas will be even THAT much more exciting...ONE MORE REASON TO CELEBRATE! (NOT to be confused with ONE MORE REASON TO BE CELIBATE!)

Have a great weekend my good friend and many many more to come!


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THAT IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!

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Great news! Can you expand on your alternative treatments? My husband just ended his second week of chemo and the oncologist took him off as it is too harsh for his body. He's supposed to have 5-1/2 weeks of chemo before surgery. I'm concerned if he cannot continue the chemo, that's why we're interested in alternative treatments, but don't know where to turn to find out about them. Thanks so much for more information.
God Bless!

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Yahoo! Lisa. I kept looking for a post from you on Friday and was holding my breath too. The first thing I did on Saturday morning was come here and look for your post. Way to go!!! Can't wait for Vegas to give you a hug!



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