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I'm OK !!!!!!!

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Hello Everyone!!!!! I promised that I would let you all know when I got the results from the biopsy. The Dr. gave me the good news tonight.
I don't know how I feel right now. I am definitily releaved!!! But I am sad also as I didn't have Bob to share the good news with me. When the Dr. gave me the news he thought that I would react differently. I told him that I am numb. I was prepareing myself for the worse as I haven't had any good news for almost 2 years now. I just didn't know how to react I guess. Like I said I am releaved but also sad. I must sound crazy aa everyone else would be jumping around with joy and all I have done since I got home is cry. I don't know why.
The Dr. said that the tumor was benigh and that he wants another mamo and biopsy done in 6 months if it has changed at all. He also said that if it does change and is still benigh he wants to take it out then.

I figure I would give you guys some good news for a change. I wish that I could enjoy it as much as I should be. I don't know what is wrong with me.

Have a GREAT weekend!!!!!! I will try to do the same!!!!

Best Wishes and Prayers to all!!!! It is late and I am tired. I am going to try and get some shut eye.

Love Always!!!!

Thank You EVERYONE for everything that you all continue to do for me!!!!


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I completely understand the numb thing, but know I am doing a crazy happy dance with you right NOW darling. I got my first good news today in a very long time too!!!!!

Hugs hon and take care! I love that I have met you and so many wonderful others here.

Lisa P.

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HIP HIP HURRAY!!!!!!!! I am so very happy for you. If you fell numb, rest a bit and then celebrate later.

Thank you for keeping us posted. It really means so much to me to share other people's good news. :)

You have a special place in my heart. Take care, and try a happy dance later. jana

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Sue sweetie, I am so happy for you. You have a special place in my and many others heats here. We love you so much. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that you didn't have Bob here to celebrate with you. I know you still miss him terribly and he was and is still a very big part of you. But...I know he is doing a happy dance for you right now and he knows that you will be fine. He wanted you to have all this done, to be sure you were ok, You took so much time for him, which I know you enjoyed. You never complained. I know sharing your news with us is not the same as sharing it with Bob. But, just know that we care for you too. And,,, I for oen, am crying tears of joy. I have had a lump in my throat waiting for your results and when I seen the titly,"I'm OK" I jumped for joy. I love you so much and feel a special bond with you. I have since I've starting talking to you. Please don't ever quit talking to us, even though you have a thumbs up. You still have a place in all our hearts here and you are part of our family.
Love and prayers, Judy (grandma047)

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great news! Very happy for you! Yeah!!!! , blessings, neelieC

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Congratulations, Sue!!
Indulge and reward yourself!!
I'm truly happy for you. Thank you for sharing the good news!! YEAH...

Rosa (New York)

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Hi Sue,

I'm right with you on the numbness. That's just the way I was, having braced myself so hard for bad news. But the good results did sink in, bit by bit. I tried to think of ways of doing physical things to make it feel more real to me, like putting the rest of my Zofran in a box in the basement.

But it's weird, isn't it, that first few minutes when everyone else is jumping up and down and you're just a blank. I felt like I owed them some celebrating.

And not having Bob there is huge. Life is so complicated. When I was first diagnosed a friend told me that now I'd left behind the world where things were black or white, and entered a life where I had to get used to grey. And today I repeated that for another friend who said, no it's not grey, it's in full color. Not simple, like black and white, but gloriously rich and complicated.

Meanwhile, we're celebrating with you and when you're ready, you can join the party.

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Congratulations on your wonderful news. I am so happy for you.

I have had the experience also of reacting to good news by a kind of numbness -- or even a mild ?depression afterwards. I think it is related to the anxiety of waiting for the news, and then the nervous relief. For me, it takes a few days for the joy to hit.

Best wishes, Tara

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There are some beautiful,wise replies to your good news. All I can add is I am very happy and relieved for you. I'm sure the good news will sink in eventually. YOu have been through so much. DOn't have expectations for yourself right now. Just take things as they come. Allow yourself to grieve what you have lost (too much-it's not fair), but also allow yourself to accept good news when it comes.

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Hiya Sue. CONGRATULATIONS babe!!!!!Sometimes expecting the worse Sue sends us into a catch 22 situation. Before the tests we are hyped up with worry and fear and emotionally drain ourselves. All of a sudden we are let off the hook but it really takes time to sink in....and for the hype to go down. All the stress you have suffered Sue has been the buildup.....now allow yourself time to let the good news settle in. We are so pleased that everything is ok. When you read this tell yourself that the fear is behind you. Tell yourself that Bob need not worry for you.
Then "tell" Bob you are ok because your friends are here to support you with love and understanding!
All our luv sweetie...your friends in oz, Ross and Jen

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Hi Sue! I feel so bad that you can't enjoy this good news with Bob. He's with you in spirit sweetie. We are all celebrating with you and hope you can keep celebrating years from now. We are only a "Click" away from you as an extended family and care about you very much. Hugggggs ~ Wanda

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Hi Sue,
That's wonderful news! I'm so happy for you.

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Hi Sue,

Aren't emotions something......I am so happy for your news. It is truly wonderful.

I certainly understand your mixed feelings - regarding not having Bob with you right now.....it is scary - and a myriad of thoughts will pass through your mind and bring you highs and lows. But honey, you are here......
the master plan has included you right here, right now!

This is exactly where you are supposed to be......with a beneficial diagnosis.....So, let more than a few of those tears be for joy.......apparently, you have a lot of work to accomplish here with us!!

Have a great weekend. Wishing you all the good thoughts possible.


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