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too much water

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Have you all seen the news on the dangers of drinking too much water? How much water is too much when you are doing chemo?

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Hey Neelie! So happy to hear from you again and I wondered how your treatment went this week. How are you feeling? Re: water? I had no idea that you could drink too much?? What dangers? ~ Wanda

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Hi, Wanda. I am doing my first round of chemo right now. Had the oxaliplatin and leucov, steroid, Ca, Mg, in the dr office. I am attached to a portable pump with 5fu right now at home- for 46 hrs. So far it's ok. just a little metallic taste and it went away with all the water I drank. Here's the site where I found what they've been talking about in the news. (didn't find a site citing the original report) www.washtimes.com/sports/20031023-114721-5381r.htm
Take care wanda! blessings, neeelieC

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Damn, this is incredible! If true outside of the examples given, then we could be forcing more chemo to our brains by forcing water.. Are there any medical experts lurking out there? Bud

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Hmmmmmmm yes it appears that it is true in 100 percent of recently reported deaths the victim had in fact drunk water... I really think that most of us are guilty of not drinking enough water I truly believe that if I had drunk more water I may have improved the health of my digestive tract by flushing out the toxins that build up. I think that water intake is one of those self limiting processes in life and it is almost impossible to drink too much ,just remember your last colonoscopy. Ron.

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I wouldn't read too much into that article unless you are a marathon runner or triathlete. If any of you have ever sweated from working out and tasted your sweat (especially the first few times), you can taste the salty flavor. That is sodium coming out of your pores and the article is all about a sodium and water imbalance. If you are curious about your blood sodium level, you should have it right in your chemo blood work. I say the article just confirms why I don't train for or run marathons...heh heh.

Lisa P.

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