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Avastin is working!

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YES! We seem to have stopped the spreading of the tumors since she added Avastin. Her blood counts during the spread were 2.0- they dropped to .85 and yesterday they were at .53!!!!

Mom needed some good news and she got it!!!!

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I am SO happy to hear that! GREAT NEWS!!

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Hooray!! Good for your Mom.


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Awesome news! Hang in there Mom.. and keep us posted.

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Great stuff.....now come back shortly and tell us that they have gone down even further!!!!!!
cheers kanga n JEN

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Can you tell me more about Avastin.... I'm wondering if it could help my brother,Jesper.
Great news for your mom!!!!!


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It is for STage 3 and 4 colorectal patients. This stage has metasis to other organs. Basically what it does is surrounds the tumor and cuts off the blood supply. In doing this, the tumors can't live. I have done some research and it is doing wonders for many. A few cases I found resulted in heart attacks-a very few.....It is working for MOM and I am very pleased............

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