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Post surgery questions

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It's been three months since my kidney surgery and I too have this bulge in my side. My surgeon tells me it is not a hernia as does my internist, however my cardiologist and my back doctor both tell me that it sure looks like one.

How does one find out if it is a hernia for sure or worse, as Coni has now described, or just a weakness of the abdominal wall following the surgery as my surgeon tells me. If it is a hernia whose advice does one follow, where does one go?


I have four doctors, two opinions and discomfort.



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Bob, relax.

I'm over two years out of the surgery, and I've got the same permanent bulge. They cut through a LOT of tissue to expose the kidney. It'll be there forever. Get used to it. Your career as an underwear model is over. :~)

The discomfort can last for months. I think it was about six months for me until the area stopped having spasms internally, and stopped feeling numb externally. After about a year, it felt mostly normal again.

Your cardiologist and back doctor are really out of their element here. Your internist and surgeon, on the other hand, should have seen this exact thing many times. I would be shocked if your bulge was a hernia.

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Thanks for your reply "Chicago" but it's not the bulge per se that is concerning me, it is the fact that the area of the bulge, as big as my hand hurts, by the end of the day more than in the morning and only when I stand or sit. My doctors tell me not to worry about it, but I'm wondering if it will hurt forever or just for another year or two. LOL. It's tiring, prevents me from walking much or playing hard.

The way the bulge looks, or the scar, doesn't bother me at all anymore.

Thanks J.


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i am so glad i saw this today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have been having this same bulge and pain when i stand up or sit down it has been about 4 months since my kidney surgery. it is so good to hear that this may be normal! my oncologist and my surgeon have been telling me that but a friend ironically had surgery exactly like mine 3 months before me, same results, everything, she started having this pain, they said it was a hernia. they went to do surgery for the hernia and they closed her up and said the cancer was everywhere, i have been terrified ever sense and haven't been able to get it out of my mind. it was great to hear that this is not so unusual!!!!!!!!! praise the lord!!!!!!!!!!!

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If you're questioning the doctors, then you definitely need to get a third opinion, or fourth, etc. until you feel comfortable with the answer.

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I had my surgery Aug. 2004 and I still have numbness and a protruding bulge. Most doctors will not reply directly when asked about it. I'm just so darned happy to still be here that I have learned to live with it!

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