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I've been working on my obituary and eulogy; this is not a dark process at all; often I've been called upon to give a eulogy, and felt inadequate because I really didn't know anything about that person or how they lived and thought.. once I have
something written, I can tweak it and refine it until it's a really informing and entertaining document; it's an exercise in biography and history-I'm amazed what I didn't know about me or had forgotton-I owe this to those I leave behind, whenever that may be.
If the semi-colons or their loved ones could post
an obituary or eulogy on their websites, it might
just be a way of contributing to this site and it's members in perpetuity..possibly making a difference long after they are gone? I'm not sure what CSN does with the web sites of those who have passed, but I for one would like to see a way of
keeping these folks around.
I offer a quote from Kris S:
" Don't let the small annoyances of life eat up precious time and energy.

Enjoy each day and make the most of it. Don't give up, there is still hope.

Although this is a tough disease, there are still many days that can be good ones. There are those who are less fortunate with diseases in which there are no ups and downs but steady deterioration."

Whaddayou think Jose? A memorial web page site ?

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Posts: 1363
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sorry about the double post; I thought I was sending it to Jose..

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You are awesome. What more can I say. I so struggle with my words and envy those who are so articulate.

I think your idea is wonderful. Hope it works out.


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Hi Bud - that quote from Kris always remains in my mind. She spoke the truth! Coming to this website is a true does of reality - Thank you for posting as much as you do. I alwys find your posts healing and calming.

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I think a memorial web page would be a lovely way to remember our friends.

I never thought of writing my own eulogy. I'll have to give that some thought.

Thanks Bud


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Nice idea...not morbid at all. Ironic, it took cancer to teach me to "not let the small annoyances of life eat up precious time and energy"; and to "enjoy each day and make the most of it" (I'm still working on these).

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hey bud,

very cool idea. I don;t think it's dark at all. It's a part of life this dying thing. I have often thought about my funeral and how I want to be remembered. I want a party. I want people to come to my cabin and see how I lived and what I loved to do. I'd rather they celebrate my living rather than mourn my dying. Hard thing to do I know sometimes. I'll be dancing with Jesus!

The thing I want to most be remembered by is my love for my husband and my kids. Being a mother and wife is the most important thing in my life. They are my world. I have little to show for "accomplishments"...no awards....no business savvy that propells me up a "success" ladder....no huge community involvement.....nothing that the world would deem notable. I could care less. I love my husband. I adore my kids. I live a simple content life. That's how I want to be remembered. :-)

there. Eulogize that one!! haha

peace, emily who has some history worth forgetting haha! :-)

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I think you have a great idea there Bud. It would be nice to see a memorial list for all our friends who have passed.
Emily....being a loving wife/husband and mother/father is a task set before us to ensure we provide the best possible life for ourselves and our families. Achieving that is no easy thing..but to do just that and at the same time be compassionate towards all humans on this earth is an achievement that needs no accolades sweetie. Knowing in yourself that you have done the best you can throughout your life has to be in anyones eyes worthy of a great gift. To leave this world one day and know in your final hours that you have failed in nothing....because we are all human....failure is a human trait that teaches us throughout our lives to accept that no one is perfect...but we should hold our heads high doing the best we can!
luv Ross n Jen

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I think it is a wonderful idea and until I went to Colon Palooza I, I never realized some of things that go thru my mind are normal for us survivors. Things like what to wear to your own funeral, but then realizing you do not want to wear that outfit for eternity!!!!!!

Jose, let us know if we can "influence" your commitee.

Lisa P.

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hey scouty!

If I were to be buried I would want my mukluks on! haha. but I may just be torched and sprinkled hither and yon throughout all my favorite wilderness areas. Arthur wants to go to med school finally and then be fed to the trout in the Madison or Yellowstone rivers in Montana. (don't tell the DNR).

Funny thing is that I never thought about what I would want to be buried in! Maybe I'll just be raptured! haha.

peace, emily who only thinks about the party part of the funeral gig. (so what else is new?)

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