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new research

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Mornin' all...errr...well maybe evenin over there.
Just recently there was a news article on tv that talked about the research into "thalidomide" that could be ground breaking news for a cancer cure. Thalidomide as you may know was deemed to be the cause of genetical problems with newborn babies years ago.
I wonder if any here have heard of the research and know where information is available. The program Jen and I saw was just finishing when we switched on the tv so missed the full story.
I am attempting to find info on it at the moment.
Luv to all, kanga n Jen

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These are some sites re; above I have found.

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Hi Kanga,

Yes, I was aware of this information. In fact, while I was in treatment last summer a chemo friend actually was given it as a last resort for her stomach cancer. Her husband had a hard time getting the prescription filled because no one here still had a license to fill it. He finally found one, but she had to sign all sorts of papers about pregnacy and all....even though she was in her sixties. Sadly, it didn't work for her and she passed away.

It will be interesting to see if it works for others.

Good to hear from you. I was AWOL when the picture business was going on. Sorry I missed it.



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Hiya Kay...nice to hear from you too. Did anyone send you the pics?? If you would like a peek into "kangathongs" sordid life mail me thru the personal pages and leave your email addy.
It obviously created a few laughs around here--hell--we gotta smile sometimes.
luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

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Hi Kanga n Jen,

I pulled this off of a website--it's a good brief description: "In 1998 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved thalidomide for use in treating leprosy symptoms (FDA Talk Paper: July 16, 1998). Studies are also being conducted to determine the effectiveness of thalidomide in treating symptoms associated with AIDS, Behchet disease, lupus, Sjogren syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, macular degeneration, and some cancers (MOD, November 1998)." It's only perscribed and dispensed under very tight controls here in the US due to the birth defect potential.
One of it's functions is to inhibit growth of new blood vessels (angiogenesis). This is a new area of research and many companies are developing angiogenesis inhibitors. Avastin is one currently approved in the US, and others are on the way.
Hope this helps.

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