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Short and simple

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"The greatest growth comes after the storm"

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Hi Barb! :-) This is soooo true! Cancer has certainly put my life into perspective and my priorities in order. It also effects caregivers and family members. The strength, courage, and deep compassion from my husband was a side of him that brought us even closer. I've always been a strong believer in God, but have grown even more spiritually. I see others who have their health and they sweat the small stuff. I don't. I guess this means there is a good side to having cancer. I think anyone who has had to face an uncertain future and has had to walk through the fire is a changed person, usually for the best. Thanks for sharing with us. Here's one for you: The highest reward for a man's toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it. (John Ruskin) Love to you! Wanda

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How else can you reply but with an AMEN.

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Thanks for sharing those short, but so true words.



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So true...so true.

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