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Yep, it's THAT time...

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Hello ALL!!!!!

In case you've been MIA for the last few pages of this section, I took it upon myself to remind everyone of:


WHERE: Las Vegas, NV

WHEN: October 25th-28, 2005

JUICY DETAILS: (Why yes, this does make me sound like a broken record...or for the "younger" generation, like a skipping CD!)...

We have arranged for a reunion of sorts at the ALADDIN HOTEL & CASINO in Las Vegas, NV. We have all grown so close here that we feel the need to meet in person. Newbies, oldies, caregivers, WHOEVER are all welcome to attend. There is a block of rooms set aside at the Aladdin Hotel for $ 99.00 American Dollars per night. To reserve yours, simply call 1-877-333-9474 and tell them you'd like to reserve one of the rooms set aside for the GROUP CODE: GCOLON. You can reserve your room up to August 25th, and it's FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. Several rooms are already taken. In the event you would need to cancel, do so prior to October 23rd for a FULL REFUND. When you call, be prepared to give a credit card number and have one night of the stay charged immediately to your room.

THIS IS GUARANTEED TO BE THE EVENT OF THE YEAR! Many surprises await those who attend!

Questions can be directed to me through this web site e-mail system.



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Is this for real?? I didn't know that you had get togethers like this. (silly me..new to web site) I've been wanting to go to Vegas for a while. Haven't been there in about 25 years. I'd love to meet everyone. I'll talk it over with my hubby. Thanks ~ Wanda

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Kanga n Jen are attempting to contact Ben Lexan(America's Cup fame) to see if a "winged keel" would have any effect on the performance of motorcycles under water.
Failing a reply kanga is looking to NASA for new technowledgy re; "underwater research for motorcyle travel in the future thru the Challenger deep"


BTW.....yes Wanda..it is for real...but..take your credit card!! These guys have got "casinobrain"..lol!

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Joined: Mar 2003

Hi Wanda...

It's true...there have been several small meetings of some of the folks here, but this one will be the BIG KAHUNA! Sounds to me like you're just about due to visit LOST WAGES, er, I mean, LAS VEGAS, and this is the perfect opportunity!

Can't wait,


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