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Needing an introduction to group for my mother-in-law

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My Mother-in-Law is recovering from surgery and radiation for mouth cancer. She still, after some months, hasn't recovered her taste, and has been dealing with the expected depression. She recently tried to join an on-line discussion group, but was rebuffed as being a computer newbie (she is, but the reaction seems odd in such a group).

Anyway, I can't imagine this particular forum acting in that way. I thought that I'd go on-line first (I'll have to convince her to try the computer again). If anyone could volunteer to be her "contact," or at least a bit of a welcoming committee, I'd be in your debt. My email: JeffKaron@aol.com. I'll get her back on-line as soon as possible, but I'd really like to have some supportive people waiting.

Thanks so much.


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I am sorry to hear that your mother-in-law did not have a positive experience in the chat room. I do encourage her to try again. The term "newbie" is not intended to be negative and in fact is often used to welcome those to our group and introduce them to our "old-timers" in the chat room. The members of the chat room do change all the time. It can be intimidating coming to the chat room for the first time, but please, do encourage her to try again. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. I can be reached at webmaster@acscsn,org.

Take care and be well,

CSN Dana

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I am sorry your mil is having problems...but we all have had to learn computer chat isn't quite the same as chatting with a neighbor across the fence.
But, it is the best place to get comfort and support when we need it.
I too had mouth and tongue cancer (right now I am cancer free..Praise My Lord) and that was 2 years ago last May that I finished my radiation and chemo.
I am still finding my taste buds are not the same as before...but they are starting to come back.

I still can't eat the normal (for me) stuff I always use to. White flour and sweet stuff and red meat is hard for me.
I don't have any spit and need to wash all my food down with liquid. My choice is water and I carry a jug with me where ever I go.

I am happy to say that with each day (and doctor's visit) I can see more improvement.

I still fight the depression. Anytime I have a new? pain or feeling, I worry about the cancer coming back. (My mother who is a cancer survivor and heart patient says that is normal for someone who has had the problems that we have and is human nature.

I just celebrate that I am cancer free....eat lots and lots of vegetables...it seems the most moist...and flavorful. I also have had to rethink my taking big bites... mouth won't open as far as it use to..almost need to wear a bib..LOL...but eat I am doing.
I lost 80 pounds and lived on Boost for almost a year before I got on top of the cancer recovery.

Please tell your mother in law that we all wish her the best and just to keep trying and all will answer her.

I don't come in here a lot....seems my life is busy and computer time is limited.
But, if she would like to write to my email account and in the topic line put a note that it is from the CSN site.. I will do my best to help her.

Good luck and God bless.....Hugs, Judy

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I am another newbie to the mouth cancer group. I had a spot of tongue cancer and one positive lymphnode. I am only 3 weeks post radiation and have a ton of questions about the recovery process. Is this the right place to start asking questions?


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