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More Poop

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On the more serious side-(now that I have your attention) the following article discusses the value of the Fecal Blood Occult (sp) test, and compares the Drs in office test with the home test, stating that the Drs test IS NOT recommended
for screening, and the home test is...
Is this something that we semi-colons should be doing in-between scopes, etc. ? Nanuk

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Once again Bud, you are amazing! Thank you for all your work in locating such informational wed sites that give so much information.



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I think Bud has a satellite dish on his roof and I am pretty sure it has a oneway link to Einstein!
Thanks Bud for all your info!!
cheers, kanga n Jen

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herr poopenstein,

have you ever done one of these tests at home or at the office? I have not. Funny they never check my poop. Seems rather elementary to the whole colon reconnaissance, eh?

Should we take a semi-colon poll to see who regularly gets poop checks?

BTW, I thoroughly enjoyed your Poopy site....as you know i would! :-)

peace, emily who is known to have blueberry colored bms......I know you all wanted to know that right?

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