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Family Support

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My father is 67 years old. He was diagnosed about three weeks ago. His treatment will begin about April 14th and will go through eight weeks with radiation treatment a few days each week. My mother is very emotional about the situation and tends to get upset. I have been thinking about flying to offer them support sometime during the eight week process. My question is when would I be needed the most. Hopefully I would like to help them deal with some of the side effects and my mothers emotional state.


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My husband had radiation Mon-Fri for prostate cancer for a total of 42 treatments which I think is the usual. In any case about four weeks into the treatment it would be great if you could come home and break up the stress a bit. Your father probably will not be real tired yet and a few family outing would be wonderful for the both of them. Don't go with anything but cheerful thoughts. My husband PSA was 60 and eighteen months later is doing fine. I had bc my radiation treatment was finished five months before he started so all of it is doable. Our three grown children were a great surport by just calling often and being there for the big things. Sounds like with your help they will get through it. Linda

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