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My Mom is now recovering from the whipple procedure

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Hi, I'm new to this so bare with me. My Mom just had this procedure done 13 days ago, and came home yesterday. She will start chemo and radiation in 4 weeks. She had a tumor approximately 1/2 inch in size, and it was removed. Doctor said that 3 of fifteen lymph nodes were affected. He is very optimistic that the chemo and radiation will take care of anything else. Any comments on anything I should know or be aware of, or anyone going through this, please, I'd like to here from you. Thanks

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ask about getting enzymes to help the pancreas (what is left)to digest foods. It has helped my husband quite a bit where he can actyually the digest more food rather than diarhhea everything out. He was put on the enzymes a couple months after the surgery and has finally gained 2 pounds because of it. He had lost 55 pounds from the surgery/chemo in 3 months.

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Hi. My husband has pan can... tried whipple, couldn't go forward. You're lucky. Have a cousin...had whipple 11 years ago.... going VERY strong still. Hang in there. Life is funny. You never know what the next chapter of your "Life Book" has to offer. Be well. Paula

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This is my first ever chat or forum message. I'm 64, and had a double whipple Nov/04 - the entire pancreas removed, plus spleen, duodenum. Now a type 1 diabetic with some allergies to insulin. Lost 30 pounds in surgery, still haven't gained any. Using enzymes. Physical exercise is tough, and I'm quite sensitive to sugar. But steadily improving - managed to play golf 4 times in the past month. Cancer was in the duct and has been fully removed.

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