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Insulin now??

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Well, another chapter to the story. My new chemo is making my blood sugars raise. So....my doctor put me on insulin on a sliding scale. If it's not up, no shot in the tummy. If it is, yippee!!! It was running between 265-300 the night before I went to the doctor. Today it has been fine. Thank God. Just wanted you to know what is going on now. Any of you have to take insulin because of the chemo you were taking causing your blood sugar to raise??? Thanks for your help. Love ya all.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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No, but it scares me that this will happen to me as diabetes runs in my family. The Dr. hasn't said anything to me yet, so I hope my blood sugar is ok. Thanks for bringing this up. I'm anxious to see what others might say. Take care Wanda

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Hello There!!! Sorry but I have no info for you on that one. I am just glad that they have been able to start chemo up again for you. How are you doing with it other then the blood suger problem? How are things with your pain level?

If you can let us know how things are going!!!!!!

Love, Prayers, and Hugs coming your way!!!!



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Hey Sue, I have had diarhea bad and the pain is still bad. I sleep a lot, so that helps. Haven't vomited from the chemo yet, thank goodness. Thanks for your concern. You are a sweetheart.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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Greetings Judy, Oh My what else are they gonna come up with: I bet that is your question, but you sound good & seem to be jumpimg ahead with treatment, good.HOpe your Fanny is better but probably still in pain. My thoughts & prayers are there: You are such a strong lady, you go! Best to you & God Bless! I know we haven't chatted much but I Know you & think of you daily, go get em. fight lady, Love ya GrandmaJudy
love Amy

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You are beginning to sound a lot better Judy, at least from an emotional point of view. For your sake I hope that is the correct impression I am getting. Either way, Judy, Jen and I send you our love sweetie!!!!!

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