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Feeling better

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I called my chemo doctor's office today and I feel much better. I asked her if my chemo doctor was giving up on me. She said just the opposite is true. They are trying me on camptosar alone, because when I had chemo last year, I obviously had it too, not that I remember though, but it's in my records. He said I had a very good response to it, so that's why he's using it again and that he wants to start out with one thing and then work up, if he has to. He wants to try and keep my counts up. He said that I have to have the chemo, no matter what. So, I guess this is a way of starting slow. They also are still giving me the shots for the white and red blood counts and I'm still taking iron. So, hopefuly this tumor will start to shrink. Let's all pray for this. I feel more hopeful today, thank goodness. And the little thread about the thongs, oh my goodness!! Had me laughing my head off. You all are great.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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I'm very proud of you for asking your Dr. those questions! See..? I'm soooo glad you feel better! It makes me feel better too! :-) hugs Wanda

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I am soooo glad that you are feeling better. I hope that the chemo knocks the heck out of your tumor. I think of you often and am sending happy thoughts your way.


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One step at a time.. your counts are strong enough for more chemo... HURRAY...

Keep up the good fight. I am so proud of you. jana

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I was hoping tha "thong" thingy might brighten you up Judy.....but now the doctor has outdone my work!lol!
Nah---just really happy that you have got a bit more information....maybe it starts again Judy..but I do remember all the ups and downs you went thru. Lets hope this next session will improve things greatly.
lotsa luv always sweetie, kanga n Jen

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Hi Judy,

I have been offline for awhile. I'm glad that you are feeling better about your treatment plan. Also, I must read the thong messages.

Take care,


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sooo nice to know you're feeling better. I too prayed for you.Hang inthere! blessings, neelieC

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Hi Judy, glad to hear the good news. Keep the faith and try to take one day at a time. Livin

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