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Ok...I'm scared

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I just got back from the pulmonologist. I've been short of breath. Now I'll need a Bronchcoscopy because I have a little lung colapse. I'm worried that the cancer has spread. Thanks for letting me vent. ~ Wanda

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I will be praying for you for it will be a quick fixable problem! God Bless Nursgal8

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Thanks sweetie

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Hello!!! I don't blame you for feeling the way you do!!!!! This MONSTER is really a tuff one!!!! Hang in there and Just try to take one day at a time!!!!! I know it is easier said then done!!!! Just do your best to get through this last hurtle!!! Prayers and hug coming your way!!!!


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Thanks sweet Sue! I needed that. Even a positive person like me can break down once in a while.

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I'm thinking of you. When is the bronchcoscopy scheduled? I wish you serene thoughts in this nerve-wracking waiting period. Try to focus on the small pleasures of life--you don't need to borrow trouble until it's here.

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Your absolutely right! Thanks for the reminder! Not sure when the bronch will be scheduled. Probably late next week. Yes.. the small pleasures in life like caring people such as yourself! What a doll you are.

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You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Come here to vent whenever you need to and we will help lift you up. Let us know how you are.


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Thanks Kerry, All of you are so nice. I'm here for you too. I'll keep you posted. :-) Hugs ~ Wanda

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Hi Wanda from OZ and welcome. I read your first post and was too late to reply. Being in OZ the time zones sometimes put me at the end of posts.
Maybe the guys here should call me "johnny come lately!" I go awol a bit working too.
I hope you find this "family" which you are now one off, as supportive as I have. We have our tears and trepidations but also someimes we can be humorous as well as serious. Both go hand in hand!
Being worried, scared, depressed and living in fear Wanda is reality for all of us no matter what our dx is. The main thing is that everyone here, patients and carers understand the word "scared" but the bond we have keeps us supporting each other no matter what.None of us can offer words that will make this fear go away,just know Wanda that we are all "brothers and sisters in arms together".
We all can and will help you thru this.
Our prayers go out to you, huggs kanga n Jen

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Hi Jen, Thanks for the welcome out there in OZ. I appreciate your kind words and I'll check in as often as possible to help support others as well. Hugs & prayers back at ya. ~ Wanda

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Hi Wanda,

I'm lagging behind a little in my reply. I hope that today finds you feeling better. At my worst, I would try and say "Tomorrow will be a better day!" and it would. I hope all of your "tomorrows" are good!


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Thanks Kay, I appreciate your support. Just taking it one day at a time. That's all we can do huh? Like rejoyous said "Don't borrow trouble til it's here." I say my prayers and try to get good sleep at night. Thanks again. Your a peach!

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