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Thanks for your prayers

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Thank you Wanda(shandle), Judy, Chutney, Jamie(Crazy Lady), Nanuk, Rosa, CAMAura, and Pj for your prayers. You'll never know how much I appreciate them and you.
Love ya
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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Hello!!! I just read all the posts and read yours. How are you doing today? Did you call the Dr.? You shouldn't have to suffer that way!!! I am praying for you!!!!! I am also sending LOTS of HUGS your way along with a beautiful rainbow full od beautiful colors!!!!!!!

Love Ya!!!!!


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Dear Judy,
I know I've never talked to you directly, but I have followed your posts and feel like I know you personally. Last week I was at the point where I wanted to give up, what the h%#@ was the use of all this anyhow. Then I saw your post about your birthday party and looked at the pictures. You wouldn't believe how the pics of your grandchildren affected me. I saw their smiling faces and that reminded me of my own grandson, he and his mom where here recently to visit me, they live in England and I don't get to see them often. But the pics of your grandkids gave me the jolt I needed to get back on track and try a little longer. We love our families so much and hate what this disease is doing to them, sometimes I feel responsible for putting them through all this. But then i get enveloped by their love and know that they understand.
I guess with all my rambling I want to tell you to hang in there, for yourself and your family. God has a plan for us (I wish he would share it with me, it would help), I get discouraged at times, but I never know what will bring me back on track, this time it was the pictures of your loving family. I thought I'd share that with you, you have had a great impact on my life and I want to thank you for that!
I will continue praying for your and everyone elses recovery.

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Hi Regine, I'm sorry that we have never talked before. I am so glad that my pictures helped you. Grandkids can always seem to put a smile on my face and I'm sure you can tell by the pictures that my friends and family mean a lot to me. It's what keeps me going to. And right now, whatever it takes, we must cling to it. I'll make a deal with you, you don't give up and neither will I. Deal??? Ok. It was really nice hearing from you and your post lifted my spirits, so you have helped me too by sharing this. Hope we can always be there for each other.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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WOW what a beautiful testament of courage & Love & respect! I am very touched there by you two ladies! This cancer sucks but look what is does in the other places: The Heart, Now I am going to look at these special pictures!
Love Amy

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i hope this finds you fighting and feeling okay..Thanks for your good thoughts...I think that therea re prayers going "every which way" on this site....what a great thing!
Best wishes and good cheer to you,

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