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re pathology report

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hi, can anyone tell me how long do you wait for the pathology report to come back after having part of the kidney removed, its been 3 weeks since surgery and they are still not back, i did call the surgeon and spoke to his secretary and she said they werewaiting as some report has come back but specalist was quering something. I suppose its all a bit of a process, but i thought maybe a week to 10 days was long enough.

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Yikes Mandy, that is a long time.

They had my pathology done before I was even closed up on the table. Took out the offending matter, and rushed it to pathology while I was still open from belly to spine. I think there was some more intensive pathology done after that, but it was still very quick.

Keep pushing for answers. Sometimes, that's the only way.

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Sometimes, if the cancer is rare or hard to tell from another type, it can take a while, but certainly not more than a couple of weeks.

A "frozen section" pathology is done during surgery, but the results are less accurate than the final path reports, which take a couple of days at least to treat the specimen before they can decide what it is.

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