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Chemo seems to be working

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Hi again,

I have a little good news. After only 2 treatments of chemo (5-FU, oxaplaitin, leuco, and avastin), I had had several days of no rectal bleeding and cramping. This is great news for me. I had had about a year of almost daily bleeding and cramping. (My symptoms were misdaignosed as hemmorhoids and IBS for several years).

So I am relieved physically by this and, of course, very encouraged that I have gotten these results after only 2 treatments !!!

I know I have a long way to go to being NED. I was diagnosed in Feb with rectal cancer with 2 liver mets. I haven't had surgery yet. But this small success is definitely encouraging.


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I am glad that your chemo is working. Hang in there. We are all cheering for you.


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Yahoo!!!!!!! Any positive step is wonderful.... thanks for sharing the good news. Keep fighting the fight, and appreciating all things in life; no matter how small.

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Great news, chemo can and does work. I'm living proof. Just like your self, I too was relieved from the rectal pain after two doses!!! I had a ct scan after my third dose and the docs could no longer see the 3 liver leasions. I'm scheduled for a PetCT this week and I praying that the liver leasions are gone and the my primary tumor continues to shrink, it went from 2.5 to 2.2 after 3doses.
I wish you well...

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YEAH!! Good for you!!
Thank you for sharing the good news. I am getting the port implanted tomorrow and will be ready for chemo anytime soon. This is great news not only for you but also for me who hasn't started her chemo yet.
I was diagonsed with colorectal cancer stage C/III (6 out of 22 lymph nodes positive) and had resection surgery in March.

Keep thinking positive and be strong for the rest of the treatment. I will be here in New York to cheer for you and will keep you in my prayer.


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What great news to hear you are responding so well to those initial treatments.
Continue to kick butt! Judy

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Maria, that is really good news. After only two or three preoperative treatments of chemotherapy and radiation, my rectal bleeding stopped and my oncologist was thrilled. APparently, that fast response is a very good indicator of the tumor's response to the treatment. As it turned out, my cancer responded so well that by the time they operated, it was gone. No malignant cells to be found. You should be thrilled and know that you have gotten a much deserved piece of really good news!

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