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Mediastinum Metastasis

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Hi everyone,

Hope you are all doing great today.

I am a little mixed. I'm going to post separately my good news...but here's my worry of the week. Sponge-Bob commented that the more we know...the more questions this creates. Arggh...prime example this week. I double-checked with nurses about the probablity of brain mets...She then told me that it can go to the brain after going to the liver ( I have liver mets). But that first sites are liver, lungs, abdomen and the MEDIASTINUM (the sternum area I think). I'm now a little anxious, because my PET scan showed activity in the mediastinum as well as the liver. One radiologist said that they didn't think the mediastinum was anything. But after hearing that it is a common site of mets, I'm of course concerned. Anyone out there had this experience? I've read a lot on hear, of course, about how PET scan results are not 100%. But just would like to learn about anyone who has had mediastinum problems.

Thanks so much,

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Hi Maria, I just wanted to let you know that I do know of one case where rectal cancer went to the brain. It was a co-workers son that this had happened to. Sometimes I talk to Alice because she has had such a similar experience to me (except as a caregiver in her case). I do not worry about the possibility of a brain met though. Colon cancer has also been known to spread to other unusual areas of the body, such as the sacrum, the ovaries, and so forth. I do not think you should be concerning yourself over these things - you are getting ahead of yourself as they say and needlessly worrying. If you had any mets to another part of your body, it is likely that you would have a rise in your CEA and then your docs would jump on it and find the cause. In my experience this I have not had any problem w/ the mediastinum and did not even know what that was, until you mentioned it. My advise to you is that you should focus on the problems at hand, don't go looking for problems that do not exist or you will drive yourself crazy. PET scans show all areas of inflammation, not just cancer. Trust the radiologist and do not let your mind run wild w/ all of the dire possibilities. Focus on seeing yourself cured after all the current problems have been delt with....
Just my advice, best wishes, Susan.

P.S. Knowledge is only useful if it is relevant, OK?

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