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Started Avastin,5FU and CPT 11 March 14--had chemo March 14 and March 21 and now have found that my ovary was swelled to the 16-18 cm and am now waiting to have them removed--blood counts have been too low for surgery or chemo. Hope that the chemo will work--has anyone here had good results with the above drugs?

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Hi Jenn,

I didn't have Avastin. I did have 5 FU, CPT 11, and leucovorin. I was successful with those drugs. When my counts got too low, I was given Nupogen shots...those stung, but lasted all of 5 seconds. I was stage 4, and now I'm all clear. Diagnosed Oct 2001. Keep your faith, with time, things get easier to handle.

All my best wishes,

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