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I'M CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello Everyone!!!! You guys are family to me and you are the FIRST to know. I just got off the phone with the Dr. and he said that all the polps were negative!!!!!! I am so relieved!!!!! After she looked at all the other test results they are pretty sure that all the pain I have ben having is from IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome. She said that it wasn't in my head but that my brain and gutt are what is causing it. Now I have to do research on this as I found out that I should stay away from raw fruits and veggies which is what I mostly eat.So much for a healthy diet. Now how how do I get the fiber that they said that I need to have. Now I have something to do in my spare time. I hope that I can find info on it. The Dr. is puttingme on a bowel seditive called Bental. I have never heard of it. They want to see me again in 6 weeks. They said that I don't have to be checked again for the colon for 7 years. That seems like a long time.

I want to Thank All of you guys for dealing with me!!!!! I know that I was a basket case about this but I know that you gys all knew ware I was coming from!!!! I Thank You ALL again!!!!!

So now that round 1 is over. I just have to concentrate on round 2 getting through the breast biopsy on the 12th. So guys PLEASE bare with me!!!!

THANK YOU AGAIN for everything you have done and being there for me!!!!!!!!



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Great News!!!!! Sue, Don't wait 7 years!!! My mom went for a colonoscopy when she was 51 yrs old - she had not one polyp. Five years later she went back as she was told and bang - Stage 3 Rectal Cancer! First polyp turned out to be a serious one! Listen to your body and go in 3 years!

julie :)


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Sue congrats on being clean !!! Butt I must say as a rectal survivor times two years, you should have a colonoscopy no more than every three years. (since you are a polyp grower) There are several institutions that will preach this in the colorectal community. Once again congrats :) Duby

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That is such good news Sue...it is time you had something to celebrate. I do hope that the biopsy goes well and that the results are OK so that you can relax a little...you have been through so much.

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Sue...FANTASTIC!!! What else can be said?


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cool beans, sue..7 yrs does seem like a long time, but I guess it depends upon the stage of development-I'm sure others will contribute their two cents on this one. Nanuk

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Sue, I am sooooooo happy for you. "jumping up and down". I love you and I am so glad that things are looking up for you. I'm sure Bob is smiling down from Heaven at your test results. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is bad enough, but at least it's not cancer. You still need to take care of yourself. Keep us udated about the breast biopsy. I'm still praying for you.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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Sue..now that we have talked on the phone you know how we truly feel about you. We are so very happy to know you are ok and am sure that the bobie biopsy will turn out ok. You could say you n Jen are now "sisters in arms" knowing Jen has IBS too.
Get a colonoscopy in 3 years babe!!!!!!
Lotsa luv n huggs, Ross n Jen

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Hi Sue, What great news! You are right though, 7 years seems like a long time. I bet you can push for more frequent scopes with a history of polyps. Good luck on the next test, we are all waiting with you. Judy

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Hey there,

What a feeling! I am very happy for you. Hang tough with your diet...I am sure that you will find good info and be able to resume some of your favorites soon.

Best wishes and lots of luck. The seven years sounds a bit odd to me as well.....but you know how we just love our colonoscopies.....

Take care.


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Sue -

I'm afraid I won't "BARE" with you on the breast biopsy, but I'll certainly "bear" with you!! Sorry, I couldn't resist...

Such good news about your scope results. I agree with you - 7 years seems like a really long time. I would go back within at least five and - since they found polyps, I'd probably want another scope in 3 years. But that's just me.

You hang tough darlin' - IBS is often brough on by significant stress. I know things haven't been very stressful for you over the last couple years (note sarcastic tone) - my advice would be to focus on de-stressing your life and de-toxing your body (OMG... I'm starting to sound like Em and Lisa P. - AKA Yin and Yan; the Zen Juice twins). Seriously though...

Keeping you in my prayers and wishing you more good news on your biopsy.


- Sponge

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HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bob was right there the whole time; softly holding your hand. YAHOOOOOOO.

I am so happy for you. HOpefully this is the worst of it, and it only get better from here. Let this raise your spirits. Spring is approaching. Enjoy every bit of sunshine, every flower, every moment. Live it all.

Thank you for keeping us in your life. You are so special. Stay well and I hope each day is a bit more happy. May the breast biopsy be just a small speed bump; nothing more.


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Excellent news Sue!!!!!

Now you can really concentrate on that IBS and get some well deserved rest. When mine was at it's worst several years ago they put me on a rather bland diet for a day or 2 and then I added something daily that was "normal" for my daily diet. The first things that I added was my iced tea, then milk. The doc at the time suspected a lactose intolerance but as it turned out it was the iced tea. Apparently I was allergic to tanic acid that is in some teas, coffee and red wine. I cut those out and have never had problems again.

As Bob says, it could be stress too and lord know you have had more then your fair share lately.

Take care and again congrats!!!!!!

Lisa P.

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Hi Sue,

Congrats on the great news!!

I am on Bentyl for IBS and it does help. It may make you sleepy at first, so be careful!!! IBS is brought on by stress....mine started after my mom passed away and actually caused three tears in the colon from bleeding ulcers. Since being treated, all is MUCH better, but you do need to stay away from the foods with small seeds...strawberries, raspberries, sesame seeds, popcorn and the kernels, and even blueberries can be a problem...however, this is all manageable!!

I was told to be scoped every 4 years.

Keeping you in my prayers.

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great news. I am so happy for you.


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Sue, what a great headline to read on your subject line. We're all cheering for you and IBS has never sounded so sweet. Good luck with the biopsy and keep us posted on that, too. We're ready to celebrate all over again.

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