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bone marrow transplant

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hi my leukemia has reoccured and i am going to have a bone marrow transplant. Would love to hear from someone who has had one to give me an idea of what i now will be facing

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Hello. I am in your position also. I will also be getting one in a month of so. I am currently getting induction therapy. I wish you the best. If you need someone to talk to. I am here for you. My name is Mary, nice to meet you.

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Hi, I am a student nurse from Lincoln Nebraska. I am in the process of doing a project on leukemia and need to do an interview with someone who has leukemia. This interview can be done through a chat room or email. Would you be willing to help me with my project?

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I live in Texas but I moved here 8 years ago from Omaha. (Go Big Red!) I have AML; I was diagnosed in Feb 2005. I have had two courses of chemotherapy. I am this week undergoing "conditioning" chemo to prepare for a stem cell transplant on Monday, May 9. I can certainly answer some questions about my experiences with leukemia so far.

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Im going for my stem cell transplant in 2 weeks, Ive been in treatment for ALL since December, enjoying my remission but also looking forward to getting it over with, anything I can answer or help you with feel free to email-keep your chin up and STAY POSITIVE!

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Hi. I wanted to lend my experience and support to anyone who can use it. On July 11, 2001 I recieved a MUD BMT for AML. I have 100% Cancer Free ever since. The transplant itself is rather anti-climatic, being it is a simple transfusion. I know the emotional act of getting a BMT is by no means, anti-climatic. Your blood counts are down and you have to wait for them to come back up again. Looking back, it was much easier then any of my chemotherapy treatments.
I send you best wishes and all my prayers are with you. If I can help, please let me know,

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My 11 yr old daughter is in the transplant unit right now. Her 6 yr old brother is her donor. She was diagnosed 3/05 with Philadelphia positive ALL. She's in remission with both leukemia & Philadelphia positive thanks to God. She was given a 30-40% chance of survival with transplant. She just finished her radiation treatment and has begun her chemo treatment. She hasn't eaten and is not feeling well. They estimate she'll stay 6 weeks. I'm happy to hear missasweetman that you are 100% cancerfree. What was your prognosis and how long was your stay in bmt unit?
God bless you all.

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My daughter was dx AML at 23. After 3 months of chemo, she remained in remission for about 14 months until last month. Now the docs at MD Anderson want to do a BMT, located 2 unrelated 6/6 matches. WE'RE SCARED. She is a single mother with a 2 yr old. What is MUD BMT? I'm looking through all her marrow biopsy reports looking for her genetic analysis, do you have to request this analysis? Are there any alternatives to BMT? Can anyone help with info? Thanks

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I am a 14 1/2 year survivor of a bone marrow transpant for AML4. The main thing about recovery is follow the Doctors orders to stop future problems. I tried going back to work as a farmer and ended up getting both hips replaced in 1999. I learned to start my whole life over. I look at every day as a gift after finding out on my 5 year cure checkup that my Doctor thought I did not have a chance.

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Hi, I had a stem cell transplant in May 2004 for AML. I am still very weak and have a lot of muscle and joint pain. Is this normal? How did you feel after your treatment?

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Tambe - yes, I was also weak for a good year and I had muscle and joint pain. The best thing for me was physical therapy. I had a wonderful therapist who helped me get my strength back, taught me appropriate exercises, and made me feel better about myself. Also, I got relief from the muscle and joint pain (usually this is from your medication you have to be on). Light exercise was a must for me!

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I am an 8 and 1/2 year survivor of a stem cell transplant for CML. My sister was my donor. I agree with gpgoebel that it is important to do everything the doctor tells you to do and if you have questions be sure to ask. This is not an easy procedure, but I do know that many improvements have been made in the past 8 years and continue to improve every year!! Be as positive as you can and learn to visualize and relax. Let your mind help your body heal! This is truly a medical miracle!! I had to change my life after the transplant but I am ok with that.

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I had a Bone marrow Transplant. My sister was my match. If you have any questions concerning this please email me at eldermj@missouri.edu

I have been free from Leukemia for 23 years.

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I had a transplant in 1986. I'm afraid what I have to say about it wouldn't help you much since they have completely changed the way they do things now. But, what they'll do is they'll find you a match, harvest the marrow, put it in you, and then you'll go into remission. My match was my sister, and that was 22 years ago.

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