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thick saliva

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It has been four months from tongue recontruction surgery. The flap has schrunk and has a provided a gap between the teeth and the new tongue for fulids to puddle.
All treatments are finished, no chemo (neg nodes!) but I did complete six weeks of radiation thearpy. This has created salivia with a rubber consistancy. I follow the precribtion remedies and yes the baking soda does help somewhat. I am back to work and need to speak without embarasment. My speach is remarably good with this new flab.
I am looking for some answers on how long the thick stuff is going to last and will I always have the exces salivi? Is there a way for me to manage this differently? Any input would be greatly appreiciate.

Gerddys husband

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Hi. I'm 7 months out of surgery and 4 months out of six weeks of radiation.

I'm experiencing the same thick saliva, and plenty of it. To the point where I have to hand wash my pillow case every morning because I'm drooling all over the place.

In addition to asking the same question you did about duration of side effect, what is this baking soda remedy you mentioned?

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How are you doing with your flap? (Other than the droolling thing)

Baking soda and warm water seem to thin the saliva down a bit. It was recomended by the doctor and my home nurse.

At night my mouth is dry because I sleep with it open. I do use a humidifier took help with that. My wife also stresses the importance of drinking a lot of liquids to help this the salivia.

I wonder if this ever get to be a little normal?

I'd like to keep up on your progress if possible. I haven't met to many others with this.


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In my case, the thick saliva went away gradually in about 2 months time.The worst time was when I needed to place a few tissues on my pillow to prevent the saliva from making it dirty. Sometimes there was blood in the saliva. When the thick saliva was over, I had to cope with the dry mouth. Luckily I did not sleep with my mouth open and when I woke up in the middle of the night, I had to sip some water to make me feel better. I am a stage 4 tonsil cancer survivor. 3 years in remission.


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Hi Gerddy,
My husband, David had oral cancer, (75% of tongue removed & free flap construction). He has the thick salivia, but doesn't have the drooling problem to bad. He also has the night time dry mouth. He uses a product...Biotene. A life saver of a product if you have dry mouth! He uses the toothpaste, and the mouth gel at night. Biotene also carries a mouthwash. This product is available at Kmart, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid and most drug stores. I hope this helps you.

Best Wishes,

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