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PICC Line VS. Port

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Another question...

I have a PICC Line. My oncologist opted for it so I could get started on Avastin right away rather than wait for surgery to install a PORT plus recovery time.

I'm interested in getting a PORT eventually though. But I have heard mixed opinions on the cost/benefits. One nurse told me there is increased risk of infection and clotting with a PORT, but another told me there wasn't much increase with the PORT vs the PICC Line.

My boyfriend's co-worker's father got a blood infection from a Port, he is not in favor of a Port.

I'm inclined to get a Port, but am a little nervous about it. My PICC Line is annoying to me : weekly dressing changes, bandage irritation on my skin, keeping it dry and untangled. Would love to get a Port!


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Personally I would opt for the port, no contest. Mine is problem free after over a year. It was installed w/ a local anesthesia & little or no recovery time. You might want to word search this site for past discussions of this topic.

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Hi, I have an infusaport I have no problem at all with it. I really don't know what a PICC line is. I had Hicman cath the other time. It was good but had line hanging down. this one is completely under the skin, so no problem at all. If you get to get one, I'd ask for infusaport. Any more questions, let me know.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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I have a port and am due to get it out Wednesday. Wahooo!!

AS much as I hated the thing it was a god send. No maintenance and no problems for the most part. I can feel it and it does cause some weakness on my right side. When it was accessed it was no big deal. Much better than when they had to get a vein in the arm.

As far as recovery time.... there is none. I had mine inserted on a Tuesday and started chemo on Thursday. The surgeon left it accessed so it was ready to go. And there wasn't much of a wait time to get it inserted (under a general anesthetic).. couple of days.

When I get it removed it will be under a local anesthetic so again... no biggie. It's a 1/2 hour appt with the surgeon.


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Personally I prefer the port. Little maintainence. No problem for me. I had to get one bad veins got tired of being stuck everywhere arms hands and even my neck looking for a vein.

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Hi Maria,
I'm with the rest of the group here....I have a port and think I would prefer it to a picc-line. I don't have much discomfort with the port and it makes receiving chemo very simple. I have it flushed with Heparin/Saline before chemo and after I receive chemo, and I haven't had any problems.
Best of luck with your decision...but i would not be fearful of the port-a-catherter!


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I agree - the port was a godsend. I had a double lumen port for over a year and it was no trouble at all. It has to be be flushed once a month but that can be done with monthly chemo. I had chemo for a week at a time - they'd leave it accessed for the week and I'd have to keep it covered during a shower (I used a ziploc with a hole cut out for my arm). My veins aren't great - they roll and I hate getting stuck so I loved the port (even if my nieces thought I had an alien under my skin). It was painful for about a week after insertion - they have to separate muscles to insert - but after that you don't think about it at all.


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Thanks for all the replies and personal experiences.

:) Maria

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