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In the last posting I mde, I told that I was going to give my testimony at church. I had 20 people from my family alone to show up and the church was also filled. I was so nervous, but everyone said that I didn't seem to be. I think it was a good testimony as to how faithful God is. If I'm saing something on here that I'm not supposed to, I'm sorry. I just feel that having a relationship with a higher power is very important. Anyhow, the surprise---after the service they had me a birthday party. I know there were probably 150 people there. I cried like a baby. I got a whole big basker full of birthday cards. I put them all on my wall. Pretty full now. LOL. Well my birthday is not until Tuesday but's its already been great. Well, love you all. Morphine is making me sleep a lot so I'm going to go lie down a while. Love you all very much.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)


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    I don't know how others make it through this without GOD!!!!!! I know that it is through HIM that I am able to function,,,,most of the time normally(or as much as what was normal for me before this..ha,ha) What a wonderful surprise..I know through this, we all see things a lot different and really, truly appreciate all around us. Take care. DeeDra
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    Judy. I always look forward to reading your posts. You are so very strong. I am glad that you gave your testimony. When my hubby was 1st dx I didn't have a church. I found this sight and everyone here bacame my family (I have none). It was wonderful (and still is) but during this battle which began Sept 03 I found a church home and am so THANKFUL and loved. I love it. I have joined the church choir and feel like I belong. I still return to my first home (here) but I love being at church. I love being a christian. and I love knowing that you are there.
    Take care and God Bless you and yours. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)