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Results from Round #1

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Hello Everyone!!!! I want to Thank Everyone for all of their support!!!!! I am hanging on by a thread. I promised you guys I would let you know how things are going. Well, yesterday I say the surgeon for the second opinion and he wanted to use my films yesterday and have a few more Radiologists and a couple surgeons look at them. I told him no problem as he thought that they would all say wait 6 months and to call him today as to how to proceed. Well, I just got off the phone with him and he said that the mammogram looked ok but that they do not like the way the ultra sound looked and that a biopsy was definitily called for. So they are setting it up and now I have to wait again to see as to when they are going to do it. So needless to say this has turned out to be another S----- day!!!!

Well now you guys know what I do about round #1 and you can imagin how I am feeling. So now I am trying to calm myself down and get ready for round #2 on Monday morning.

I hate to ask as I feel selfish doing so but can you PLEASE say a prayer for me so that I can get through all of this. They are working as I am still here.


Love and Prayers to ALL of you!!!!

Thank You Again for all the support!!!!

Love Always!!!


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My goodness... I am so sorry for all your troubles. Such timing!

Don't be silly - you will get prayers from all over this world!!! It is not selfish to ask at all. Remember how much support you gave all of us in the past - we look out for each other, you included.

I think of you often, and hope you get through all this without any problems, or futher bad news.

A friend of mine told me people actually do better when they are aware that people across the world and praying for them. She put me on numerous prayer lists.

You always were on mine, and others I am sure. We will be sending you all positive vibes this weekend and on Monday. Enjoy your time with family and try to simply smile.

You are a wonderful, giving and beautiful person. I feel honored to know you. Thank you for keeping us in your life and staying involved at this site.

Be well. jana

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hi sue!

Ok honey you got the double duty prayers!! :-)

You know we are all rooting for you! You will be "in the know" after Monday and when we talk about the icky prep...well you can say: Been There Done That. And then you get to be in recovery where everyone is root-tooting for the moon together. (passing gas for the those who are wondering what I am saying).

Happy Easter to you.

peace, emily

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Sue.hey sweetie, babe, honey, darlin', dear...now I can only imagine those words comin' from Bob...so I thought I would say them!!!!
Don't go crossing tha bridge yet Sue...'tis hard I know but we are all "wishin n hopin n prayin for yah!!!"
luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

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Sue: I speak to the Grand Pubah daily, and always include all the folks on CSN. I will mention your name specifically in the morning. Bud

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Sue -

You're on my list darlin'...

- SB

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Sue I love you and you know I'll be praying for you. It sounds like the doctors are on the ball. We'll just pray that it will be nothing. You are a true friend and I pray for you everyday anyhow, but I'll add an extra special touch to it,
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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Hi I cannot say anything else but ditto what they say, Yes prayer & special thoughts are there for you! You will do fine I am sure so be strong & all and waiting is the worst (we all know) it sucks so god bless & better days to you my dear... LOve Amy

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I'm sending prayers and positve thoughts your way. At least the waiting is coming to an end. Hang in there!

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