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Need a New Oncologist

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My father has been diagnosed with stomach cancer, and his oncologist has missed many signs in his treatment--i.e remaining cancer spots on his stomach, jaundice--yellowing of his eyes.

Had the family not noticed the yellowing of the eyes and insisted he be treated for that first, he would have been started on CHEMO had his oncologist had his way.

My father currently has a metal stint in his system to remove the bile that has been sitting in his system for 3 months.He has a lot of family support and we need to know how to have him moved to another hospital. We are being told that it will take up to 6 weeks and the referral has to come from his current oncologist. Do you know if this is true? Please help us?

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Usually you need to be refered by your PCP, not your current oncologist. From our experience, when we explain the necessity of an immediate appointment, we get one (usually the NEXT day). Call your insurance company and give them hell until they help. If that doesn't work, go to your PCP's office & talk to the person who does referral's - we have found the referrals people to be very helpful - and ask what they think you should do. As far as good oncologists...I don't know where you live, but there are good stomach cancer centers in NYC (Sloan-Kettering), Texas (in Houston, don't remember the name), Seattle (Swedish), and San Fran (don't know the name). Do research on line to find the nearest to you. Good luck!

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I don't know where you live but I was treated at Northwestern Medical Hospital in chicago. I have nothing but positive things to say about them. I had a team of oncologists. There web site is www.nmh.org. They can't stop you from switching doctors. Find a teaching hospital near you. Teaching hospitals are the most up to date and cutting edge that you will find. They also attract the best Doctors.

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