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Allogenic Transplant

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I would like to hear from people that have survived this transplant. Is it worth going through? Is it a tough road? I know without trying it is a certain death sentence.

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You may want to consider reviewing the stem cell and bone marrow transplant discussion board. You can also post your question there as many on this board have had a similar experience.

I hope this information has been helpful.

Take care and be well,

CSN Dana

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I,had a Allogenic Transplant dec-2000.It was worth the risk in my case.I had over 70% of myeloma in my body so I had no choice.As of today im doing very well.The recovery after is very hard.My immune sysytem was wiped out completely so it wouldnt go after my new bone-marrow.I truly belive its worth the risk because you have a chance to live again.I have graft versus host disease as a result.Mine is the mild form as of today.I Wish you the best and may gods peace and comfort be with you.heaven.

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