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Which date do I really use to determine being cancer free: my surgery date or my LAST chemo date? It will be 5 years on March 27 for my surgery date, and 5 years in August when my chemo ended.
Thanks for your help!

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Hey congratulations on your 5 year anniversary, I think most people either use there surgery date or diagnosed date. I use my surgery date. Some people when the talk about remission from the chemo dates is because they have had a recurrence.

I am so glad you are staying cancer free.


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Congratulations on 5 years!!!!! My 5 year date is April 5...to say the least I am very excited and ready to celebrate! I use my surgery date because that is what my doctor uses. I also have not had any recurrences and pray that I stay clean.
Again congratulations!

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Hey-congratulations! I go with my surgery date because they knew I had uterine cancer going in and came up with the ovarian cancer during the surgery. My best-ever two-fer-one.

Seriously, I'm so glad for you, Monika. Live long and prosper!

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Congratulations! I use my surgery date. On April 4, it will be four years for me of dancing with NED!


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Thanks for all the replies! I'm so glad to get such positive, hopeful testimonies from everyone. My cancer was discovered during my surgery, so I'll use the 3/27 date. It's much closer than my post chemo date anyway!

Thanks to all. Have a blessed Easter!

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