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I had an hysterectomy 2 months ago . The dx Colon Cancer. Have any of you experience pain under your ribs and or your abdomen. I remember that I had a flat tummy after surger but now is kind of inflated. The pain on the rightt rib will come and go....Dr. says that the reason may be because I'm a little bit more active now...
Thanks !

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Sorry to hear you are being bothered by pain. Your Dr is correct about getting more active. But also I have heard from many women who after surgery have this pain in their right rib area. I know I do and sometimes it is bad and sometimes barely there. Sometimes it can be scar tissue. I hope this is all it is for you. I am sure during your chemo they will be watching you closely but if it gets worse go to regular dr and get it checked out. It could be something else, even gallbladder.

Take Care and God Bless


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A hysterectomy apparently causes mysterious pains. I had really BAD pains in my intestines occasionally after my surgery, but they're gone now. I also had transient aches in my left side under my ribs that my docs said were probably from adhesions - they're gone now, too. Two months isn't that long, so talk to your docs and have patience.

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It is nearly a year now since my hysterectomy and I am still having pains which the doctor says is probably scar tissue. It is a worry though and you don't know what to do. This web site is great because we can chat to each other and it helps to know others have the same problems. My tummy is getting flater now that my stomach muscles are tightening.

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I haven't had the hysterectomy yet. However, I have had my right ovary and the cyst (or as it was discovered cancerous tumour) removed. I also have pain under the ribs and little aches and pain in the abdomen. I think this is quite normal after surgery.

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