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Two Years Ago Today

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Joined: Apr 2003

Hi everyone. Two years ago today I had surgery for stage two colon cancer. I am happy to report that I feel great. I really appreciate all the support, advice and information I have received in the past from my fellow semi-colons. Thank you for being there to help me and all the other cancer survivors who turn to this website for help. I never thought of doing anything special to celebrate, but after reading the previous note from a three year anniversary, I guess I will have to ask my husband to do some thing special...Thanks again for being there. Regards, Arlene

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Congratulations!!!! Go out and celebrate. I just celebrated the 2 year anniversary of the dreadful news with a cruise.


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Congratulations!! Hope you find a meaningful way of celebrating this fantastic milestone.

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Hey there, Arlene!

So good to hear from you! Congratulations. I remember when you first became a Semi-Colon. Glad you're still posting and reading the board. Stay well, my friend.

- SpongeBob

Posts: 83
Joined: Apr 2003

Even though we seldom communicate on this website, I can tell you are a very nice person and care a lot about other people. You devote so much of yourself to answering questions and making other semi-colons feel better. Thanks for being there. If you are ever in Central Florida, let me know. Even my husband would like to say thanks for your positive attitude. Regards, Arlene

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Hi Arlene,

Congratulations! I am glad that you are doing so well. I say definitely celebrate the occasion! It deserves recognition!


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Congratulations and thank you for writing. I'm just coming onto 3 months post surgery for stage 2 colon ca so these types of notes really help.

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