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a nervous new patient

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I am a Chinese lady, 27 years old. I got my MS in US last year and got my dream job at PepsiCo Asia Pacific. This is my first job. I just finished my three month training in US and on my way to my new life in Bangkok. But a wrong message sent to a wrong person and wrong time.
I found two enlarged lymph nodes on my neck around X'mas, but didn't pay much attention to that until recently. Two weeks ago, I did a Fine Needle Aspiration. The doctor called me and told me the result was Hodgkin. However I don't know why, the final report said it could not be diagnosed, so I need do a biopsy next week.
Last week, I started to feel sore throat and pressure on my chest. I went to see the doctor again. But he said since I would do biopsy next week, I couldn't do anything on that. I am wondering whether this is a signal of spread to my chest.
I also want to know whether I still can work during the treatment. I love my job, even more than my life. Could I live at home? I don't like hospital.
After I got my diagnosed, I will go to Bangkok for my treatment. I will keep checking this website and let's encourage each other.
Keep smiling!

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Congrats on your dream job!! I think that is wonderful. I was diagnosed with Hodgkins in July of 2004. I took 6 rounds of chemotherapy and so far I haven't needed any radiation. I go back to the Dr. on March 31st. I am not sure if it has spread to your chest or not? I had stage two and mine was mostly located in my chest. It basically consumed my whole chest and it became very hard for me to breathe. My Dr. recommended that I not work during my treatment( I worked at a daycare and was around alot of sick kids). It probably all depends on your stage of Hodgkins and your job. You should be able to live at home. Why do you want to take your treatment in Bangkok? Everything will get better.

Prayers and God Bless,

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Hi Lizhi!

How is everything??? Are you in treatment? Are you in Bangkok or the states??

I was diagnosed with HD IIB in Nov of 2002 and went through 12 weeks of Stanford V and 4 weeks of radiation (all clear now). My doctor told me to take the time off and I am glad I did. The first couple weeks were fairly easy, but as treatment progressed I don't think I would have been doing myself, my team, or my customers the justice anyone deserved. Knowing me I would have pushed myself too hard to do my job well and would have made things worse. :-) That's not to say it can't be done or that patients shouldn't be given that opportunity by their employers...just be careful. I was in my job for only about 2 years after graduating from college when I was diagnosed so I had a little more time in than you, but not much. Depending on your treatment you might be able to work; however, if you can take the time it might be a good idea. I know people that set up modified work schedules with their managers. They would get chemo on Friday so that the weekend was the time when they felt the most impacted and then would work a later schedule so they could sleep in in the morning, etc. etc. IF (BIG IF) your employer is willing and able to work with you then maybe you can still work, postpone starting your job, or take the time off and return to the same position. Some people don't have the option and have to keep working. It all depends on you and your situation. Just talk it over with your doc.

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Hi, I was just diagnosed also, I'm a 56 year old woman and nervous just like you. I have done a lot of reading lately, and even by chance if it has spread to your chest, Hodgkin's is cureable. Your age, your willingness to seek treatment is all a positive sign. Remember your job may be important to you, mine is to me, but my family, my health and my faith are also a part of my life. You need to take your life in your own hands, educate yourself about your disease, become partners with your oncologist. Your job and your life will be an exciting future to look forward to. Good luck, Maggie

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Thanks everyone. I am in Bangkok right now. I love this city. Just finished my first Chemo yesterday. So far I didn't feel any side affect. Eat and sleep very well. I think the medical system here is very good. I just hope I can be cancer free as soon as possible.
Let encourage each other!

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