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Three Years Today ! ! !

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Lisa Rose
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Joined: Mar 2003

Hi Everyone,

Well this special day is here again ! ! !

Brief History: March 20, 2002 I was in the hospital now havivg surgery to remove my stage 3 rectal cancer, 10 positive lymph nodes.

I never thought when I reached the lowest point in my life that I would ever laugh, smile or find the way to learn to live again. I Did.
Now on my 3rd birthday this first day of spring, life is truly wonderful again. Most of all I say this to let others know who are just starting there journey it truly does get better, Have Faith...
To all my friends here at the CSN " Thank You " for all your love & support... A special thank you to Stacy Gleason, you were the first person I met at this board and now 3 years later I have a wonderful friend. I can't wait to meet you in person at Palooza 2 in Las Vegas.

Semi- Colons Rock ! ! !

Have A Wonderful Day Everyone.

With Love,

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!!!!

You are absolutely right!!!! There are alot of people here that turn out to be really good friends!!!

It is so wonderful that the Monster lost in your case!!! Keep up the good fight and shoot for #4.

Best Wishes!!!

Love Sue

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Lisa Rose
Posts: 591
Joined: Mar 2003

Thanks Sue for your kind words and all the best next week with your tests.

Stay Strong,

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Joined: Jul 2004

hi lisa,
congrats on the great news. cheers and have a wonderful day. here's to many,many more to follow.
never give up!!!!!!!!!!!
all the best

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Joined: Jan 2004

Well done Lisa...these are the kinds of posts that keep the rest of us going! Celebrate to the full!

Love, Ali

Posts: 708
Joined: May 2004

HURRAY!!!!!!!!! I agree. I was just talking to my husband about how to pick a celebration day. I decided to celebrate many days!!

So happy for you. My first surgery was in Feb 2003. I am soooo grateful I found this board so quickly.

May you have a million more anniversaries, and opportunities to help more semi-colons.

Have a wonderful year! jana

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Doesn't it feel good to laugh again?

I wish you many more years of happy celebrations.


Posts: 1961
Joined: Aug 2003

Congratulations!!! That is wonderful news.

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Posts: 2115
Joined: Feb 2004

Now thats a 3-some huggie!!!!Congratulations sweetie.
Andy???????If you take Lisa out for a celebration night yah betta phone ahead to make sure they have a juicin' machine!
You are one of lifes little inspirations Lisa...n we love yah for it!!

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Three years is agood one to get to in colon cancer as I found out last month!! So an added bonus celebration is in order!! I will toast you with my carrot juice of course!!

here's to 30 more and more after that.....

peace, emily who hopes to be like her grandmothers....one died at 101 and the other will be 94 next month (both living at home)!!

spongebob's picture
Posts: 2599
Joined: Apr 2003

Rock on Lisa Rose!

See you in Vegas... chocolate martinis at 7? (I'll just stick with my dirty vodka martini)

- SB

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Posts: 311
Joined: Mar 2004

Happy Birthday to you!!! Happy birthday to you!!! WHO HOOO!!!!! 3 years - thats GREAT!!!

Posts: 719
Joined: Feb 2005

And do I so look forward to writing a similar message to the site.....all in good time.
Best wishes, and Happy, Happy Spring!

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Posts: 1976
Joined: Apr 2004

Baby Lisa,

YAHOO and hugs and kisses to you honey. You Go Girl!!!!! I like that laughing part. By the time we are laughing in Vegas, it will be 4 1/2 years!!!!!

Elder Lisa

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Joined: Jan 2004

Hi Lisa,

Congratulations on this wonderful milestone. I still remember your heartwarming message to me when I joined this group. Sending well wishes your way.


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Lisa Rose
Posts: 591
Joined: Mar 2003

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to say Thank You for all the Kind Wishes on my 3rd anniversary... I had a wonderful day with my son, Andrew was in a curling tournament where he won his division. I don't know who was more proud him or me.

Then this morning( March 21 ) I got the results back from my scan & chest x-ray that was done on March 3rd. Negative for any cancer NED,NED,NED.

Oh Happy Day ! ! !

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Joined: Mar 2003

You have proven to be one of my closest friends who has SO much in common with me it's scary! You deserve to have MANY MANY happy years ahead! Perhaps you can teach us the art of curling in Vegas! This trip promises to be the highlight of my year, and I am honored to be able to share it with you and your happy news!

All my best,

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Hi Lisa,
This board is so busy I have a hard time keeping up. Just had to send my congratulations to you...stories like yours are just the boost we all need. My onc also said that the recurrance curve drops off dramatically after year 3...time for a celebration!
Happy Spring! Judy

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