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fear !!

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Hello, my name is Sabine, 32 years old and on the 28th of December 2004 the docter told me that I have Melanoma. It has spread al over my body already. But the good thing is that my immune system is still working good and taking lots of the spreadings away by itself. Never the less there is no treatment possible anymore. If I would get treatment it will harm my good cells also and I will get sick. So we are betting on my immune system. Even with treatment it will not make me better. Now I can still go to work, do lots of things that I still wanna do in life. I found it sooooo hard to believe that I within a while I cant do anything anymore. Yes I'm still laughing and enjoying life even though it's in my mind 24/7. But sometimes it hits me hard in my feeling (and not just in the mind) and I get really really scared. I would really like to talk to someone about this fear in me. I can talk to my mother and friends but they don't feel the same fear that I have. They feel a different fear.
Is there anyone who would like to talk to me about this, anyone who understands this fear?
Love Sabine

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My wife is Stag 4. I read your message to her and she told me that if you are interested in talking to her about your fears, she would be glad to email you and than you two can set something up to talk. I am her husband and we have been fighting this together for more than 3 years. I can tell you about my fears, but I know that my fears are very different than her's. We have gone thru several surgerys anf different types of treatments. If you would like please email her at: Shamrock12x12@sbcglobal.net

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hello, my name is Gina Castle my Husband has been fighting Melanoma for 8 years he is 40 years old. I am not a Doctor but I herd that cq10 a vitiamin is good for helping your immune system. We are going to try it. I Fear everyday for my husband,We hfave two beautiful daughters that need their DADDY. I will keep you and your Family in our prayers. email me anytime (castlefun4@aol.com).

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sabine,bless you dear. no one knows better than me and my husband how you feel. I am so sorry that your melanoma was found so very late, however we have been on the drug "canvaxin" that was just pulled out from under us" last week, closed down in the clinical trial that my husband was on successfully. He has been a healthy stage 4 patient since April 2003, HE HAS BEEN FIGHTING MELANOMA SINCE 1996, THE REALLY ROUGH STUFF, IN THE LYMPHNODES SINCE 1998 and continues to fight.Today, we found that we may be able to make the Drs in Calif. give us the drug on a compassionate use basis, with a huge fight. BUT in the mean time, there was a drug offered to us that would boost the immune system called lukein, given to people to help build their white blood cell count, typicallly given to patients after chemo, but given to melanoma patients with good results. This may give you better quality and certainly more energy. I hope you are a Christian and you will know that God will never leave you and the place we all get to go after this is so much better that this struggle, which certainly doesn't make it any easier, but the beautiful peaceful passing is lovely and nothing to be fearful of. I am 52, my husband is 53, he had a stroke with no risk factors at 42, then started having melanoma and we really had to start figuring out, "why him, he came to the conclusion, why not him?...Its so very hard, God picks the prize, special young, the special angles to carry on a special peace, grace and message to make the rest of us not afraid. You have special time here left, he will us you in ways you never thought were possible, the messages he will give you, the jobs he will have you carry out, will be unbelievable. Let him speAK THROUGH YOU. iF YOU WANT TO HELP MAKE A BIG DIFERENCE, I NEED AN ADVOCATE TO HELP MY HUSBAND GET THIS CANVANVAXIN DRUG TO SAVE HIM, I AME HAVING TO RUN FOR PRES. OF US. AND CAMPAIGN TO SAVE HIM, THE 470 PEOPLE WORLD WIDE AFFECTED ARE TOO SICK TO FIGHT, I HAVE TO BE STRONG FOR THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES THAT ARE TO TIRED AND WORN OUT TO HELP. BLESS YOU. PLEASE FEAR NOT, YOU HAVE SO MUCH LIFE LEFT IN YOU, GOD WILL GIVE YOU SUCH COMPASSIONATE PEACE, USE IT TO WITNESS TO OTHERS........

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I was a care giver and have seen what this disease can do. It would be a priveledge to encourage you and remind you that there are people who understand. But don't fear it as that will consume you while there is still so much to do. If you want my e-mail post a reply and I'll add my e-mail next time

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Hi Sabine, I just found out that i have melanoma ten days ago. I have not started treatment, but I know that the cancer is not insitu but more serious. scared? of course, but i deal with this fear the way i deal with all problems, face it, and try to maintain serenity. I am more concerned about my family at times than i am about myself. I understand the dark chasm you feel you face at times, but I know that faith in yourself and the comfort of knowing you are not alone will make this more tolerable.

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Dear Sabine,
I was recently diagnosed with Melanoma and just had a senitnal node biopsy done. Ihaven't received the results yet. I'm scared too. I know how it feels to ge given this type of diagnosis. A "positive attitude" is what other cancer patients tell me, but that to me is hard to drum up. However, somehow I try. Exercise helps and knowing that are people out there suffering from the same fear helps me. Read everything you can, learn as much as possible from survivors. Please keep in touch if you need to talk. Jim

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Hi,hope things are good for you.I am a 31year old female with stage4 malanoma.i have three boys(they are me backbone)if you would like to talk some time my email is honey49232@yahoo.com please feel free to share your fears with me and ill be there for support.we came lean on each other when in need,which is just about every day for me.lol hope to hear from you soon.hopes and prayers to you and your family....jackie31

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