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Vegas Update!

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Alright, the moment you've all been waiting for......

The dates for the SEMI COLON CONVENTION are officially October 25-28. I really hope that works for a great number of people.

Now...hotel suggestions? Do we want a place with all the "bells & whistles" or a place to simply "hold our stuff while we're out having fun"? Maybe somewhere inbetween? I was thinking Monte Carlo? Open to suggestions...

Pretty excited!

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Hi Stacy,

I vote for some place that is convenient to all major casinos and on the strip - Paris is nice or Bally. Sometimes they give good discounts when you reserve a block of rooms - then give everyone the information and we can call and give our credit card to hold the room. Monte Carlo sounds fine - where is it located on the strip?

Can't wait - it will be so much fun!


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Hi there,

First off, thanks for doing a lot of organizing! I'll throw my hat in for at least a mid-raange......I am a bit clueless about pricing, but a lot of the hotels have become sort-of resort-ish with fun pools and some spa stuff and great food - casual to upscale. And I would imagine shows, casinos to boot.
What is the Monte Carlo like? Sounds fun. Can you fill us in?
Cheers, Maura

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Stacy,

The dates are great with us ! ! !

Aladdin Hotel & Casino
Oct. 25, 2005 thru Oct. 29, 2005
Deluxe Room requesting 1 King Bed, Non-Smoking
Tue. Wed . Thurs. Fri
$99 $99 $99 $169.00
Bally's Hotel & Casino
Nightly Rates
4 Nights/Deluxe Room ( Standard Room )
10/25 $119.00
10/26 "
10/27 "
10/28 $169.00
Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo
*No Vacancy on your selected
Check In: Tuesday, October 25 2005
Check Out: Saturday, October 29 2005
Guests: 2 Adult(s), 0 Children
Imperial Palace
Tue. 25 $104.00
Wed. 26 $104.00
Thu. 27 $104.00
Fri. 28 $142.00


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Stacy...I just applied for an overnight return trip on Concorde but they told me there is a surcharge on motorcycles that would break my bank account.
grrrrrrrr-------maybe I can hire the "Decisive" for a coupla days--lol!

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One caution, everyone...

The Pro Bull Riders (PBR) National Finals will be at Mandalay Bay Resort (on the strip?) starting on the 28th - CAMaura and I already have tickets! - be sure that wherever we book we book EARLY! There will be a BIG crowd in town - if you're into cowboy fun, stay an extra night or two and bring along your boots and Stetson!! Yeee-Haaaw

- SB (as in Sh&*-kickin' Bob)

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Why not tell them we are all high-rollers, and that we are bringing a celebrity-(Sponge Bob) and get a room comp..?

spongebob's picture
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Joined: Apr 2003

Yeah - watch 'em comp us a room in the middle of the big aquarium in the dining room...

Although, Bud, I'm sure you and I wouldn't mind getting squeezed onto a cot in with the floor show girls!

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