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update on my wife and questions

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Hi, I posted several weeks ago about my wife, a stage III colon cancer patient. She has finished 8 of 12 FOLFOX 6 treatments and thus far has tolerated them fairly well. She has to have neupogen injections for 6-7 days after each cycle to keep her white blood cell count up. I am concerned about the longer-term effects of this but it must be done to get her through the treatments. After the 9th or 10th we plan to have a serious conversation with her doctors whether the last two cycles have an appropriate risk/reward profile in her case. After she finishes as of now no additional treatment will be required (we hope).

Question: is Avastin used only for Stage IV, or for Stage III as well? Does it have use as a tumor "preventer" as well as a "shrinker?"

Thanks and I'll be happy to provide more details on Kim if anyone likes.

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Andy & Kim -

No answers for your questions, but I can tell you that there are some folks here who probably do. I suspect they were out painting the town red last night so you should be hearing from them when they wake up!

Welcome back.

Keeping you and Kim in my prayers.

- SpongeBob

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Hi, I am new to the post. My mother has III or IV colorectal met to liver, nodes and lungs.....she is on Avastin. What I have researched about Avastin is that 1st...it is only successful for colorectal patients..caused heart problems with breast and lung source cancers..its goal is to surround the tumors and kill the blood supply..with that being said, not sure if it would be used for prevention. I posted on page 2 with title Avastin....good sources on that page of those taking it. Best wishes.

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Hullo Andy and Kim and welcome to the board. I can't help with your questions on Avastin but I would suggest you read some of the personal pages for people dx'd similar. Hopefully others here can help you.
Our very best, kanga n Jen

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HI there,
I know that Avastin is approved for stage IV - and is clinical trial stage for stage III; was asked to be in a trial, but I opted against it...the trial site was too far away and I wanted to stay put for my regimen. But people are posting good results.....my doc didn't recommend it for me. I might get a couple of opinions -a nd check out some trial sites - mine was Stanford. Best of luck to you. I have the clinincal trial info from my first meeting. If there is anything which I can tellyou from the literature, please feel free to ask....
Take care, and Keep in touch!

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Maura, thanks for that info. I do recall now seeing something about Avastin in trials for stage III CRC. We are using Vanderbilt for my wife's care and treatment and they may be involved in these trials. Thanks!

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MY husband is on the Avastin treatment. I am very interested in your posts and how your wife, Kim, is doing. Take Care...Grandma P

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