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Just diagnosed with liver cancer

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My son-in-law was diagnosed with liver cancer, stage 4. We know that he doesn't have much time, but want to help him believe in God. We all know that we will embrace God when these things happen to us. How can we get this fact accross to someone always said he was an agnostic? it is probably tough to say "was wrong", but no one cares, we want him to be accepting in what is happening to him & realize that there is so much more.

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My father was also just recently diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer but the doctor's are giving him hope with some newly released FDA chemo drugs. Is your son-in-law receiving treatment? My father use to attend church regularly and was a devote Christian and so we too struggle with him making things right just in case the out come is not what we want. I think letting your son in-law know that many family and friends are praying for him or having them make mention directly to him that they are praying for him and how knowing God can work mircles may make him rethink his position. With out pushing ones faith on someone you can share your faith just by how it helps you cope. Does the hospital offer a clergyperson that might stop in and talk with him. These are just a few suggestions. Hope they help.

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I'd be interested in knowing more about the FDA drugs you referred to, Becky. Where is your father receiving his treatment?
I echo what you wrote about the power of prayer. I have recently gone through two surgeries for liver cancer, and it helped me so much to know others were praying for me. I imagined myself wrapped in a bright white blanket made of the lover of prayers that friends and family were sending me. That blanket protected me from harm and kept me safe during surgery.

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Dear Kaycee,

How are you !

I'm a girl from China. And my parents found a Chinese medicine which have successfully controlled many patients' cancer. As you know , cancer can't be convalesce completely.It's only can be controlled. And my grandpa is liver cancer . His lump is about 16.5cm, 20days later after having the medicine, it's about 2-3cm . When he was ill, the doctor said he would have three months to live , but now he is still live healthy . So, it's really a surprise . Even the doctor asked him what kind of things he ate .

All the members of my family are Christians ,and when my grandpa was ill , we(including my grandpa) prayed everyday, this is also better for my grandpa and us in mettle.

I know all over the world, there are so many people was suffered by cancer, I really hope this medicine can help more people, not only Chinese, but all over the world, really! So, if you believe in me, pls come to China, or may be I can send the medicine to you!

Hope everyone in the world will be happy everyday!

Yours Sincerely

E-mail : weiyi11@hotmail.com
Tel : 0086-21-56329481

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Can u pls tell me about medicine as my partner has liver cancer - we live in Australia near you thanks - pinefrost

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What is the chinese medicine that has helped your grandfather? Is it natural? I have fibrolamellar carcinoma primary liver cancer that has spread into my lungs...any suggestions are welcome.

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Has your son-in-law looked into an Hepatic Artery Embolization utilizing Embo-Spheres? I myself had 2 of these procedures and had a significant reduction in overall liver tumor masses. In conjunction with chemo-therapy, this is the best treatment for metastasis to the liver. I've had over 45 chemo-therapy sessions within the last year. It's a tough road but he must remain strong... just my 2 cents.

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