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Guess who else has a birthday?

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My mither’s name is Kathleen and she was born 88 years ago. She is enjoying poor health, complaining about her knees mostly. The doctor says there is nothing wrong with her. She has a 92-year-old sister who also likes to complain about her knees and her doctor says there is nothing wrong. There is a bit of Irish somewhere in their background and they both like a little tipple. They also tell the best stories.
The three of us were driving to a quilt show in Vermont a few years ago (they are both still driving). We came upon a beautiful lake and stopped to rest. My parents rented a cottage there when I was two years old and my aunt brought her kids for a visit. After they left my mother started agitating to leave. My father knows better than to argue with her when she starts howling like a banshee. They packed up and went home that very afternoon.
The landlord called the next day to tell them a storm came up so suddenly across the lake that lightening arrived before the rain. A big bolt hit the cottage and knocked out the entire front porch where my brother and I were always playing on the swing.
I guess that Celtic blood made her psychic. No wonder we thought she had eyes in the back of her head.
Aspaysis, who never got away with anything as a kid.

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HI Aspaysia, Amy here...what a great story so it is MOm's B-day? how cool, I think that is great she is 88 and still going strong & sister too, oh my gosh, we have hope that longevity is in our genes! I too have elderly relatives, my great aunt lived to be like 90 plus and still have another great aunt who is in her 90's, and ironicallly that is on my DAd'd side, where the colon cancer is heriditary, skipped them cuz they were healthier back then. So tell MOm happy B-day & I suppose a tipple, is a drink, toddy cocktails etc.... go get em ladies! WOW I LOve hearing stuff like that. HOpefully I too will get the long life gene in my family. My owm mom who is 73 and is going like no bodies business everyday, retired, volunteers at her church, walks daily, widowed unfotunatly but I tell ya she has more gumph(energy) than any teen-ager I Know. She would spin circles around our new generation, and we have a lazy daughter, whom I Love just no action....oh by the way Aspaysia my sister is also named Kathleen: cool huh?
WEll just wanted to reply and hey no cancer talk.. HUg & kisses to MOM & Auntie, O.K.
Love Amy

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It is indeed Kathleen's birthday. She is a Pisces and they tend to be sensitive to the point of being psychic.
My brither took her out to dinner in Montreal and got her drunk. No worries--he was driving. She had a big ole slab of rib roast au jus. She always smoked and drank martinis and fried everything. That's just how people lived decades ago.
The cancer comes from my father's side of the family. Everything was his fault.
Her art school training helps her produce prize-winning quilts. One of her masterpieces hangs in the Town Hall. So far my brother has been given most of them. We always knew he was her favorite.
The only thing she is really bitter about at this point is the fact that she has outlived all her bridge partners. She does crossword puzzles instead. In ink.
Aspaysia, who cannot get her mother on the phone because Mom is never home.

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Aspaysia. opps I did say colon ca, once reguarding hereditary, sorry I Slipped LOL
NO Worries/better days, Amos

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Hey neighbor!!!!

A big ole bday hug for your Mom from Whitsett.....

Lisa P.

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As you may recall Asp I just had a birthday so from one Piscean to another--wish Kathleen a very happy birthday--awwww--give her a hugg from tha fair dinkum ozzie!!!!
As you also know I paint---must be a mutual psychic trait for us march born people! Some form of art must be in our blood.
The unusual part is that I am also of Celtic heritage...my family hertige goes back to Wales in the UK.
Amazing eh???
huggs, kanga n Jen

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Happy Birthday to your mom, and what a great story! Thanks for sharing.


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Give your Mom a Big Belated Birthday Hug! Congratulations to her and you!!!


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