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B'Gates, all ye lasses and laddies!

And happy Seent Pahtee's Dee to ye! Working my butt off here in Jacksonville doing three weeks of training. Being tested daily by the Navy to ensure we're "up to snuff" - now, I don't mean to brag or anything, but we're almost a week ahead of the training schedule and rolling into our "Final Battle Problem" (read as our final exam) tomorrow with a 99.1% average score for the ship. Tomorrow we take on the Red Forces Navy single-handedly. Will we save the world from the forces of evil? Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion!

I just wanted to wish you all a happy and healthy St. Patrick's Day. I can't write Gaelic to save my life, but I know some important words like:

(I wrote it phoenetically - it means "Health!)


PS - Pamela, Jennifer, the Hooters Girls, the Bay Watch Babes, Paris Hilton, and Chyna all say "Hi". They'd type a message to all of you themselves, but they're a little bit "tired" at the moment.

(Jeez... this guy really is full of himself isn't he?)

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Welcome back SB!!! Missed having you around!


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Top of th mornin to ye, there Sponge Bob! Nice to hear from you because I was wondering if you were still out to sea? Thank goodness you & the guys & gals are there to save us fron evil, We need it! I know there must be alittle Irish in me because my grandma told me but the Polish G-ma always said "Nostrovia" and I know my spelling is off also but it means cheers, to your health, etc, also Russian I hear, but just wanted to say hello and hope things are alright there in support-land!
You are so sweet & cool , Keep on keepin on!
Happy Days.............
Love Amy

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Thanks, Bob, for letting us know about your training, and a big congratulations on your near perfect ship. Way to go!!!

Oh, I thought I saw you at South by Southwest last night with Sandra Bullock. Guess not!


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I drank a green beer in your honor on St. Patrick's Day!

Happy Belated Day to you!

Stacy (who is Irish and can keep up with the best of 'em!)

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