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Multi Myeloma

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My brother who lives in India, he is suffering of Body pains severally and recently with lot of tests in India his test came Positive for Multi Myeloma.

Now he is under treatment and I would like to know is there any cure for this type of Cancer? Is Bone Marrow Transplant cure this type of disease ? can the patient be cured and be like normal person again?
I would like to know more about this and I appreciate if you can send me any Information that can help us.

Thanks in Advance,

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You may want to consider contacting the American Cancer Society's National Cancer Information Center. Cancer Information Specialists are available and they may be able to assist you with your question. They can be contacted by using the "Contact ACS" link at the top of this page.

I wish you brother well in his treatment.

Take care and be well,

CSN Dana

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Good Day Ravi,

Hello my name is Ann-Marie.

I was diagnosed With Multiple Myeloma in September of 2008. I have undergone 12cycles of chemo called Velcade, which caused nerve damage in my legs and hands- which causes my legs and hands to lose feeling: numbness, tingling. Velcade stopped working on the cancer a month after i started, my doctor never caught the fact that after the first month, the cancer wa rejecting the treatment. My insurance had changed, so, i had to leave the doctor that diagnosed me.Which in a sense was a blessing, no dis-respect to her, but, she was a little "spacy" never looked you straight in the eyes to tell you anything.I had a bone marrow aspiration test done by her and it came back as 80% bone marrow cancer. I now go to a different set of doctors that are downtown where i live in Indiana. The doctors that i have now one of whom is the top doctor of the state that treats this type of cancer. Speaking of "is there a cure" as of this time no there is not a cure they can only control the spreading of it . I am sheduled for a Stem Cell Transplant here in the next week or so. I have already harvested my own cells, you need at least 10,000,000 million cells to do a transplant, i have harvested enough to do (2) transplant. I believe first they would use your own, to lessen the chance of your body to reject them. If that does not work and your body rejects them, than you would have to go to an "outside" donor "family member" or "total stranger".It's just like getting an actual organ donation.. heart, kidney, skin etc. Hopefully, after going through the transplant you will go into "remission" for a year or 2 or longer, than when you come out, and the cancer is back, you have to go through the process of treatments all over again. As, of right now it wioll be an on-going battle for your brother and everyone else that is currently being diagnosed with it. It is I guess a new "cancer" that is coming out. What makes it hard to cure, is the fact that it is in your blood cells. They can't "drain" your blood and give you new blood. As with the other cancers: breast, colon,stomach, they can cut it out or treat that one area. With us it runs throughout our bodies. Our type runs along with Lukemia ,it is cancer of the blood, which you cannot donate blood or organs,m because our blood is tainted. I used to donate blood all the time at blood banks,and on my Driver's License i ws an organ donor, once i found out, i was told i could no longer donate blood or organs when i die. Unless, they come up with a cure. I do hope you find this information useful as well as hopefull. I hope all is well for the most part with your brother and not to feel alone in this, this cancer is everywhere not, only in India. Hang in there---- Don't worry,

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hi..just wanted to chk how u doing now? did the stem cell transplant do u good?

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Can a person surive Multiple Myeloma with out having stem cell transplant? I am not a canadate for stem cell transplant. I am doing chemo. I hope they find a cure for this soon and all cancers. Would like to hear from a survivor of Multiple Myeloma. I am 66 year old woman. Thanks

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