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Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I was a bit slow responding.I spent hours on the phone talkin to Lisa, Scouty n Sponger...it's their fault I never got here!!Geeeeezz--why don't you guys alter your clocks?lol!!
Seriously, ringing those guys made my day--wish I could talk to all of you!
Failing that I will repeat myself..you are ALL dearly loved by Jen and I. You are ALL in our hearts.
And Bruce..Jen hid tha scotch!!!

Now I better get off here so someone else can post a topic.
btw---did yu all notice I timed this to only drop Lisa Rose's topic of my birthday off the bottom of the page...clever eh!
luv, rainbows n huggs to all, kanga n Jen

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I thought it was because your ears needed resting after having to listen to me sing you the Happy Birthday song.

Lisa P.

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Yu wanna know what time it is here now Lisa??-----3.50am!!!!Should I be so lucky to just get 1 night of complete sleep!!!!!grrrrrrr!
huggs, kanga

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Hi Kanga,

Oops, sorry I missed your birthday, but a big, belated birthday wish to you! Hope your day was happy and wishing you many, heathly more!



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