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i love my dad's surgeon!

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My dad went to see his surgeon this past week for a routine follow up and my dad mentioned to him about cleaning (flushing) out his port and you will never believe what the surgeon said! He told my dad that he will schedule surgery to remove it instead. SO my dad tells him that the oncologist thinks it should stay in for at least 1 year to be cautious (again just in case and God forbid it comes back - dad was diagnosed with stage 3 in july of 04 - presently and hopefully forever NED) and the surgeon tells him "forget what he says, the chances are very much better that it will never come back". Now both my dad and myself know that it may very well come back but it was so damn good to hear those words coming from the surgeon himself. It just gave my dad even more hope.

Thought i simple share the news.


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Fantastic news, Susana. Give dad a great big 'ole hug for us.

Love to you,


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I am a 6 year survivor of rectal cancer, stage 3. I was diagnosed at 36 years old. I was terrified and just about hopeless until my radiation oncologist said to me,"I am sorry that you have to go through this, but I will take care of this and you will be fine in the end." That Dr. gave me true confidence and hope in a cure, and it was hope that was rewarded with 6 years of health. I like your Father's Doctor's attitude...and you guys deserve the morale boost. It means a lot!

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I have often said Susana that doctors have very often become somewhat silent on offering really positive news to patients. In some ways I understand that to be protection for their own ethical values. I don't see any reason that a doctor would become too complacent..it certainly would not be in his best interests from a patients point of view. If your doctor has offered these words to your dad I think he must be very confident your dad has a very low chance of re-ocurrance. To be sure...cancer cells are our own cells mutating and they could well do it again---but for now be "in love with the doctor". I would like to hear these words more often from them. Your dads follow ups will keep things under surviellance and for him I cheer his NED.
luv kanga n Jen

btw--is the doc. a good lookin guy???--lol!

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It must be in the water. First Emily loves her oncologist and now you love your Dad's surgeon. I hope it's contagious.

Thanks for sharing Susana!!!! We all need to hear that kind of thing more often.

Lisa P.

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Susana -

Great news for your dad!! Not such great news for your husband... is he aware of your latest revelation? How does your dad's surgeon feel about this? Isn't it all a bit sudden? Have you even met his parents? What does his wife think? Just kidding, of course... So happy for your dad. I know it's nice to hear those words from "competent medical authority" - even though we believe it ourselves, it just makes it that much more believable to hear a doc say it.


- Bob

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