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It's been 2 years

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Hi to all,
It's been 2 years since I was told the dreaded news. "I have bad news, you have a mass." Life will never be the same. But I am a fighter and a survivor, as you all are too.
I have just returned from a much needed vacation, a cruise. We had a wonderful time. I also returned to work this week from my latest surgery, a permanent colostomy. I feel great. I haven't felt this good in a long time. I never thought I would say that.

I think of you all often and continue to pray for everyone on this site.

For the newcomers, it does get better. I never thought it would, but sometimes I even forget that I had cancer. Right now NED and I hope that continues.


Maureen (who will be going out to celebrate tonite and have a green beer.) lol

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Fantastic, Maureen. Happy to hear the good news.

I am 1 year out from my diagnosis. PET scan on Monday!! Feeling good.

Congratulations and continued good health


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excellent excellent and even more excellent news!!! Keep up the good work!!! I absolutely love hearing success stories! Gives us all hope in fighting this demon.


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Maureen, I hope both you and Barb keep adding to those years. Congratulations!!!!
Now..mmmm...wonder where Jen put my scotch?
-----might have to settle for green tea!

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Hi Maureen,

Congratulations on the 2 years - that is GREAT NEWS!!! I'm looking forward to my mothers 2 3 4 5 6 - you get the picture! So happy to hear your feeling good again.

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Hi Maureen,
I find the anniversary of my diagnosis very "bitter sweet" -- but I'm so glad you are NED and had a much-deserved vacation - and that you are feeling good and so positive. Congratulations.

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Maureen -

WOO-Hoo!! Enjoy that chartreuse brew!


- SB

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That cruise sounds like just the perfect medicine and what a way to celebrate!!!!

Congrats and may there be many many more!!!!!

Lisa P.

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Hi Maureen,

I'm a day late and still drinking the green tea! It's so good to hear you sounding so well. My two year diagnosis will be in September, so you are a wee bit ahead of me. I'm glad your well-deserved cruise was wonderful, and I'm glad you are able and well enought to go back to work.

Thanks for sharing your story.



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