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Sponge Bob

nanuk's picture
Posts: 1362
Joined: Dec 2003

Where are you when you are needed? Probably on another secret mission...

Posts: 768
Joined: Aug 2004

I saw him on the beach with Pamela and a bunch of the BayWatch babes. :)


Posts: 758
Joined: Jul 2004

no barb,
he is with jennifer and the hooter girls...............

Posts: 768
Joined: Aug 2004

Must be mixing it up a bit, lately.

Oh Sponge, take it slow, buddy.


scouty's picture
Posts: 1976
Joined: Apr 2004

I have asked him to target his guns on my keyboard.....

Lisa P.

kangatoo's picture
Posts: 2115
Joined: Feb 2004

He lied to me!!!!!!!!He told me he was practsing and doing operations somewhere of the coast of USA.
---truth be known..he's probably found some lovely mermaid somewhere!!!

2bhealed's picture
Posts: 2085
Joined: Dec 2001

wait y'all I thought sponge bob hung with patrick not mermaids.....

but you say he's doing operations? What now he is Surgeon Sponge Bob? removing spines from sea urchins? pass the octopus suction? Extracting sea men from sperm whales? scaling mermaids? leave it to speedo boy.

peace, emily who tested positive for SB too!

Posts: 120
Joined: May 2004

Wow, Case of the missing Sponge-Bob? really has a few gossips out there, MAN I don't even know you that well, but where the HELL are U? J/K
Hope you are on an Island w/ mararitas flowing....
Simply Amos

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