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The Missive

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Webster sez: " a written message" .. which is a one -way conversation until you get a response. Face-to-face we get all kinds of cues, body language, etc. Here those are MISSing, therefore, sometimes we only get to read what is said, not what is felt. An occasional miss sometimes lets us see more clearly (?) Nanuk

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Well said and always a thing to remember when we post. It is very hard to communicate feelings in words unless you really think about it.

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Hmmm... I'm catching up from the top down versus the other way around. Did someone let their fingers speak before their head thought?

Bud & Barb are absolutely correct. More than 95% of our communication is not words. It is inflection, posturing, facial expression and other non-verbals. Not unlike the non-verbal I gave the guy that cut me off in traffic the other day.

Add to our lack of non-verbals, we're a group who tends to be under a bit more stress than our non-affected counterparts in society (I am not referring to caregivers. I'm referring to people whose lives are - blessedly - not surrounded by the worries associated with chronic illness). Brothers and sisters snap at each other - it's a familial thing. We're a big family here. Key point to hold onto is that we care about and respect each other and wish only good things for one another.

Good night John-Boy...


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