Had RP year ago, terrible after effects

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Well, had RP and radiation treatment 1 year ago. Only thing is the cancer is in check. I still have no bladder control, and of course impotent. I am unable to go anywhere, go thru 6 to 8 pad per day. The worst has happened, my wife could not handle everything and has left. I feel my unability to perform sexually(my wife was 45 and I am 62) and unable to go anywhere has taken their toll. I have tried to discuss this with my idiot doctor and all he said was he was not concerned with my personal problems of incontence and impotence, all he was concerned about was the cancer. I have changed doctors with little success.
Depression has now taken over. I think the medical profession has such a fear of being sued that the level of care has gone down the toliet. Just pay your money and get out. They dont care. If I had it to do over----no surgery, just take my chances and stay away from the doctors. Thanks for reading.


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    I'm sorry to hear that you have not faired as well as my husband. It is trying dealing with all life throws out. My only suggestion would be to faithfully do the exercises to stregthen the bladder muscles...many times a day without fail. My husband to had RP and chemo and thought he would never be able to not wear pads. He did the exercises faithfully and now is pad free. Take life one day at the time and please think happy thoughts, your cancer is gone.
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    I had RP at mayo approx 14 months ago. I had to wear pads for quite a while, which foolishly bothered me, cuz no one else knew I was wearing them. Got off them after about 7 months, but have found out I still have some leakage now and then, but again, I am the only one who knows it, and I say to heck with it. it feels like a lot, but is ionly a couple of drips. My sex life is zero minus zero as far a errections. My wife dosen't really care about this, I wish she would, but I married her, not her body and a roll in the sack. The main thing I ran into aftger surgery was somoe heavy duty depression. It was eating me up, bolth with my family and with aggressive behavior at work. my Dr. put me on 100mg of Zoloft and it changed my whle world around. I no longer worry about about lack of sexual performance. It would be nice, but just having the support of my partner, or in your case someone who cared about you, not your bedroom performance, means so much more to me. There are many ways to survive. Our minds are the only things that limit us. You will survive and enjoy life and find someone who appreciates you for the person you are. If we all had to be perfect, there wold be on one left on earth. God Bless You.