To Lauric and DKHappy

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I'm so sorry to hear about your news. Your e-mails were similar enough that I wanted to write to you both at once. I hope you don't mind.

Welcome to our site. This is such a great place to find support, encouragement, and information. I know you are both in shock right now. I was diagnosed with my Stage III cancer last summer and those first weeks were literally like a living nightmare. But it does get better, little by little. I promise.

About survival rates--I don't know the answer. But I bet it's a scary one. That's why people on this site tend to feel that concentrating on the statistics is generally not helpful. Of course you want as much information about what will help you as possible. But the statistics are just numbers, and they don't tell you what will happen to you, or what new drugs will be developed during the time you are fighting this beast. We need to concentrate on healing, not fearing.

I found Lance Armstrong's memoir, It's Not about the Bike, very helpful in getting my mind around staying positive. Good luck.